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Passive Prefab Design

We Don’t Build Prefabs

But we design the hell out of them.

What’s prefab?

Prefabricated or “prefab” houses are designed so assemblies can be built in huge sections, off-site, in a temperature-controlled factory. When the walls, the roof, and the flooring sections are constructed, they’re packed up and trucked to the site, where a crew puts them together, using a crane. 

This approach helps construction materials stay dry, eliminating worries about future mold or mildew problems. For this reason, it’s a great option for wet climates. A prefab process also cuts construction time and labor overhead drastically — these houses go from foundation to dry shell in about a week. A prefabricated Passive House,won't cost you more than a conventional Passive House — and we think it’s a better-performing, less wasteful approach!

At Artisans Group, we don’t build prefabs ourselves. We design them. Then we collaborate with the prefab manufacturer and general contractor of your choice who build the house.

How do we approach prefab design?

At Artisans Group, all of our prefab house designs are custom, passive, and highly specialized.

Our prefabs are custom. 

Prefab homes are not modular or kit homes. They’re custom, just like our other projects. 

Prefab is not prescriptive; it’s just a different method of architectural design. Because they’re custom, our prefab house designs are varied, complex, and beautiful — like all of our work.. Just like Passive House, we bring this expertise to our work without charging extra for it, so the cost for a prefab design is the same as a traditional design. 

The difference between the two is in the way we approach it. We have to consider elements differently: the way corners come together, the way the roof is structured, the relationships between windows and walls. 

During the entire design process, we’re measuring and tweaking to make sure, once the pieces come together, that the structure is uncompromising and strong. 

Our prefabs are passive.

Passive House is an architectural design method that conserves up to 75% more energy than conventional construction through some pretty amazing architectural elements, such as super-deep, high-density insulation; heat-retaining technology; and incredibly effective ways to seal the gaps that could allow heated or cooled air to escape. Passive House is the most effective path to a net zero energy home

Passive House design makes houses comfortable, bright, sustainable, and low-maintenance —  and are so freaking healthy to live in!

We’re experts in Passive House design and we carry that expertise into our prefab projects. If you’re looking for a prefab Passive House design, we do them really well.

Our prefabs are highly specialized.

We bring valuable experience to our prefab projects. We collaborate with prefab manufacturers to make sure the Passive House elements of our designs (like air-sealing components) are done right. Because we’ve done so many of these projects, we know how to oversee this work, what kinds of issues to watch out for, and what areas to triple-check for accuracy.

We also thrive in the midst of highly technical work. In addition to being aesthetically minded, we’re design nerds: we love getting the math and science of our craft just right. Nothing makes us happier than when a net zero home, humming along in perfect comfort, delivers  miniscule energy bills to allergy-free occupants.  

And because we live and design buildings in a seismic zone, we know how to make a house as resilient as possible using specific design techniques and high-performance materials that are meant to last.

How do I start the prefab design process?

If you’re looking for a custom, prefab Passive House architectural design, get in touch. We’ll start by asking you questions about your project so you can see if a prefab is right for you.