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Passive House Articles

Always fun to read about the burgeoning enthusiasm for the ultra energy efficient Passive House (PH) building standard out there in the world.

Below are a couple articles written by Wendy Koch for USA Today. The first article highlights visits with PH owners and what the standard requires for certification. The second article features the author’s new home which was recently built to standards defined by the US Green Building Council, out of curiosity, she wanted to see how her new super green home compares to the PH standard, if you’re curious, it’s worth the read.

Article 1 | Passive Houses Aggressively Reduce Energy


“It’s like living in a glass thermos,” says John Eckfeldt, a physician who built one of these “passive” homes in frigid Isabella, Minn. He says the inside temperature is so even that if he sees snow falling, he’s surprised to realize it must be cold outside.

Article 2 | Does My Green House Meet the Standard?


“My house, nearing completion in Falls Church, Va., wasn’t designed to meet the rigorous passive standard, which focuses solely on energy efficiency, but rather the top rating of a more general program by the U.S. Green Building Council. Yet it has many of the same features of certified passive homes, so I figured: why not try?”