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Linger Boutique - Women Owned Business Feature

Shauna Stewart of @linger_boutique in Olympia is a fierce and focused local entrepreneur who has made women’s experiences and their sexual wellness the center of her business. 

Her podcast, Life Turned On: Stories of Sexual Self Discovery in Midlife and Beyond, is a must-listen!

Here are some highlights from a recent conversation we had with her: 

AG: Artisans Group: What made you want to start this business?

LB: Shauna Stewart: I wanted to create a small space that centered women's pleasure without the shame or stigma typically associated with other shopping experiences for lingerie and sexual wellness. There are a lot of places in this world that want to use women. I want to celebrate them.

AG: How did you begin?

LB: Two weeks after talking the idea over with my husband, I had a business license. Three months after that I launched our online boutique and started pop-up events. I knew nothing about retail but I committed to learning along the way.

AG: What have you learned as a woman entrepreneur in this community?

LB: I've had to learn to build my own sandbox. After leaving a 15-year career in an industry and community where I felt connected and respected, I started over — and in a taboo industry. I had to grapple with the loneliness of entrepreneurship and find my new people.

I've also committed to building my business around my life rather than the other way around. I homeschool my kids, reject hustle culture, and am choosing to grow slowly so I have room for what matters most in my life.

AG: What's one big success you're proud of?

LB: The most rewarding part of my work is hearing that I've helped people "feel seen" or "finally feel like themselves." As a recovering Achiever and Perfectionist, I no longer chase numbers or accolades and these comments show me that I’m helping others do the same. 

Follow Linger Boutique and check out Shauna’s work! We’re excited that such a forward-thinking woman entrepreneur is operating such a cool business in our town. ✨