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It's Raining Passive House at The Artisans Group...

"Judge me by my size do you?"  Any Star Wars, Yoda fans out there?  Little Oly II, our smallest Passive House to date is under way in the Eastside neighborhood, and it couldn't be more Olympia.  The vaulted spaces, efficient layout and simple program resonate in the newly framed shell.   This custom design ignores convention about how big a house should be and is instead no more than what the client needs.    

The homes finishes promise to be whimsical, bright and eclectic.  The ceilings are a bit more voluminous than typical, which allows us to raise the window height for increased light and views and the interior has a lovely sense of spaciousness for such a  small footprint.   Stay tuned for more photos as we make progress on the construction, it's raining Passive House here at The Artisans Group....also it's just raining.

Balter_front-sidewalk_8-16-13 photo2 photo3 photo4