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Interior Design Trends for 2018

Interior Design Trends for 2018

Each year industry leaders weigh in on what they believe will be the biggest trends to sweep the world of interior design.  

Our dedicated team of designers work hard behind the scenes to stay on top of all of the emerging design trends in sync with the high level of innovation and great aesthetic our clients have come to expect from Artisans Group.

Home - a reflection of my unique self.  

At Artisans Group, we take the time to listen to your wants and desires, and find the best way to create a living space that is functional and comfortable for your lifestyle.  Our job is to ensure that your vision remains at the forefront throughout the design process.

Whether you are designing a custom passive house, undergoing a home remodel project, or just looking for some design inspiration, here’s a look a some of the stunning interior design trends that we believe will have staying power through the upcoming year - and beyond.

1. Design for Emotional Well-being

2018 is being coined by some as “The Year of Self-Care.”  As it applies to home interiors, a more internalized approach to design appears to be taking shape as we move into the new year.  The idea of self-care for the home will challenge designers to explore more introspective tactics for creating beautiful and soothing spaces for clients.

One of the big questions that was asked in years past was, “what do you want your home to say about you?”  In 2018, designers will ask, ‘how do you want your home to make you feel?’

Instead of creating an outward expression to the world with our design choices, we create interior spaces that promote our well-being.

Interior Design for emotional well-being

2. Healthy Materials for a Healthy Home

Now more than ever, homeowners are empowered to make conscious decisions about the products hey choose for their homes.  

We see an increasing number of well informed homeowners driving demand for more sustainable building materials.  These eco-conscious homeowners have a better understanding of the impact of a product from cradle to grave, and continue to become more informed about the production methods.

Natural Materials - Naturally Relaxing

Natural stone materials like soapstone, and limestone are making waves in 2018.  For the past few years, homeowners were focused on low maintenance materials like Quartz that showed no signs of imperfection.  While Quartz and the like will still be a great choice, we are seeing a move away from the need absolute perfection and ‘no maintenance’.

In 2018, we aspire to find beauty in an imperfect world. 

concrete in unexpected places

Concrete…in Unexpected Places!

This versatile sustainable building material has been commonplace in design for some time. It is a popular choice for flooring and countertops that is strong and durable.  But in 2018, look for it to be used in new ways, like as a wall treatment, ceiling, or fireplace application.

Warm Wood in Design

Though there are mixed feelings about whether dark woods or light woods will emerge dominant in 2018, it is clear that like other natural materials, wood is most definitely in.

design with indoor plants for color and life

Design With Indoor Plants - Color and Life

Green - and not just for paint, backsplashes, or accent colors.  

Plants are all the rage.  

Think about incorporating leafy green plants with loud patterned leaves into your home to create a natural pop of color, while at the same time contributing to healthy indoor air quality!  

And while you at it, think about all the fun you can have with ceramic or wood planters.

Mixing Metals

In 2018, mixing metals will no longer be considered faux paus.  Instead it will be seen as an excellent way to add dimension to a space.  Try piecing together warm brass fixtures, with a copper sink, and cool stainless-steel appliances to create a layered and visually harmonious look in your kitchen.  

Black is Back

Black will be everywhere in 2018!  

From fixtures, to countertops, to accents, we see the use of black coming back in a big way.  But this is not the shiny black of the past.  The new application of black will be a more refined, earthy black in matte finishes.  

Matte finishes in general are slated to have a big year in 2018 with their muted tone and emphasis on a more organic feel.

3. Color and Great Mindful Space

Choosing an appropriate color palate for your home is no small feat.  In continuing with the theme for 2018, we are looking to create spaces that promote self-care, and inspire ingenuity.  

How do you want to feel within your space?  

Do you want to create a space to retreat to and find solace?  Or would you rather have a space where you can get down to work and get your creative energies flowing?  

Here are some of the color trends that we are tracking for 2018.

Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet

Photo Source: Pantone

Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

Every year the Pantone Color Institute selects its ‘Color of the Year’.  It makes its selection by researching different trends across various design industries including fashion, graphics design, and home design.

This color is usually a reflection of what is going on in the culture, and an expression of the overall mood of the times.  In 2018, it would be fitting that Pantone would select a color that is often associated with imagination, well-being, innovation.

Although a surprising choice for many in the design community, this year Pantone chose to go not just ultraviolet, but Ultra Violet as Pantone color of the year.  We think Ultra Violet is a fitting selection in a year that is shaping up to be a moment of reckoning in the world.  

The message behind Ultra Violet is ‘hopeful’ and forward thinking, and promotes creativity and individuality.  Right now planning and working for a brighter tomorrow.

Jewel Tones in Design

Like Ultra Violet, jewel tones are rich and vibrant colors that often reflect luxury and nobility.  As such, they have sometimes felt unapproachable in the past.  But not in 2018.  Jewel tones are now more representative of empowerment and resilience.

Dark, moody hues like emerald green, ruby red, and navy blue are making a big splash across the design world this year.  Pick up any interior design magazine, or do a quick Pinterest search to see dozens of images of dramatic interior spaces that make a loud statement while simultaneously communicating warm and inviting feelings.

jewel tones in design

Pink as a Neutral Color in Design

Warm earthy neutral tones will always help create a synergistic style in the home, but right now designers seem to be moving toward flesh tones for the neutral of 2018.  Consider all the buzz we’ve heard this past year around ‘Millennial Pink’, or Rose Quartz.

Blushes and flesh tones in general have enduring appeal, and in 2018 we will see them move away from playful accent tones and towards the new neutral tone of choice to displace the cool grey that has dominated design for the last several years.

Like bright yellow, and pink, pastels in general are on the rise, as their warm tones suggest a youthful innocence and play up a whimsy retro vibe.

Bright Bursts of Yellow in Design

Imagine laying poolside in the sunny desert oasis of Palm Springs the while basking in the warm glow of yellow sunshine.   

This year, light and bright shades of yellow are meant to conjure up these types of warm, and relaxed feelings.  Think decorative pillows, area rugs and accent walls.  

The youthful vibe of yellows like Lemon Zest, Golderod, and Sunbeam Glow can really lighten the mood of a space in a dramatic way.  There’s no doubt about it, yellow is the pop of color to add to your décor in 2018.

bright bursts of yellow in design
It is clear - designers are down to dare more with color this year.

2018’s Home - Full of Personality!

Bold colors, materials and finishes converge to reflect more than just an image, but instead a deeper and more thoughtful understanding of the choices we make, and how we inhabit our living space.  

An intentionally built interior is a place where we can retreat and find solace, or hunker down and plan for an innovative future.  

When you work with Artisans Group, you get a full service award winning design and construction team attentive to the details of your warm, inviting, and healthy home.
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