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Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter

Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “water is the new oil“? Given that we are even coming up with phrases like that these days, indicates something must be up! It’s true, a person doesn’t have to try too hard to learn about rampant dwindling water resources if they are inclined that way. The challenge is in figuring out how to participate in not making matters worse.

Here is a product that seems to be a manageable start to conserving water, the Hydroright Dual-Flush Converter. It’ll make a dual-flush toilet out of any current single-flush model. Whether you want to keep your styley water-guzzling retro avocado green commode from the ’70′s or update your late model low-flow, seems this product has something to offer and it retails for under $30.

The manufacturer makes some healthy claims about water savings and ease of installation. The reviews I’ve read are very favorable, enough to make me want to get my checkbook out to try one. Even though I have low-flow toilets in my home, I recognize that that the greater percent of the time it’s mostly liquid and a small bit of paper getting flushed.

Here’s what they say in their brochure:


The HydroRight quickly and easily converts your toilet into a water-saving dual flush toilet. Quick flush for liquids and paper. Full flush for solids.

The Right Flush Every Time

  • Uses up to 70% LESS WATER with liquids and paper
  • Installs without tools in 5-10 minutes
  • Tank removal not required
  • Works with all standard flush valves
  • Eliminates flapper problems
  • Invented by a plumber


  • • Remove old flapper and handle
  • • Slide Dual Flush down overflow tube (inside your tank) and tighten
  • • Replace handle with button and set Quick Flush amount

Sounds pretty good to me! Here is a link to their website.