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How to build a Passive House on a limited budget!

Our dreams have finally come true, not the ones about world peace and glass slippers, but certainly about super cost effective Passive House!  Artisans group is in the midst of framing our Finch Pocket Haus, and we couldn't be more excited.  Its hard to believe one can have such a modern, quality, super energy efficient home for that price.  Especially since this super insulated home will have wonderfully tiny energy bills, and superb health and comfort compared to its more standard competition.

The crisp modern exterior, stands in lovely juxtaposition to the rugged wooded site, the ample glass and spacious interior is perfect for a flexible lifestyle.  The design can be customized and flexed to fit different lots and requirements.  We plan to have this home on the Olympia Master Builders Tour of Homes in August 2014, so stay tuned for updates and an opportunity to "kick the tires" for yourself on this cost effective Passive House.