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House Remodel Part 2

By: Tessa Smith, lead designer

Although personally I very much liked the modern aesthetic of the original flat roof (a bit of a mid-century modern buff myself) Mr. Demich had been in an epic battle with it for as long as he lived there, constantly leaking and failing under wind conditions. Not to mention not a bit of insulation in it, resulting in high energy consumption and cost. Also, although they said this in different terms, the Demich’s longed for a more archetypal profile to their home (a form more recognizably a “House”), but with a twist.

The delight of the unexpected (one of my favorite schemes to employ in Architecture) lies in the asymmetrical, slightly off balanced gable ends, subtly re-balanced by the patterning and carefully placed windows. When going for such a simplistic form and detailing, a bold color scheme can go a long way, the rich warm tones of the exterior stand in strong contrast to cool gray tones of the water and environment.

We addressed the site, parking and planting areas in the design process, the parking moved to a spot off to the side instead of in front of the house (making the overall aesthetic of the exterior better). Several spots of tarmac were cut out, and once these are planted the house will “soften” at its base significantly and be that much more appealing.

The approach of the house was affected by our new roof as well. We created a nice long covered entry with skylights in it, so it is naturally well lit and welcoming. A successful entry process architecturally speaking can vary, but a very dependable method is to employ a sense of protected-ness and compression, with obvious spaces to stop, rest and take off your shoes before being dumped directly into a living space, followed by a sense of release into a space that transitions you into the main living areas. This home also employs a very successful dramatic reveal of the water view as you first enter, don’t underestimate shock and awe value in a space if its view is natural and stunning!