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Green MLS | Green Homes For Sale

Do you like window shopping for real estate? Or are you trying to get a sense for the cost of a green home in your area? It’s commonly accepted these days that homes built to energy efficient standards are the ones selling first and are holding their values well over a typical code built home, it stands to reason when you consider buying a home that is efficient, comfortable, healthy and has low utility bills versus one that was built to an old school model that may have ventilation issues, insulation issues, and large heating systems (i.e. large heating bills).

With green real estate and appraisals just gaining a foothold and market direction, this website is a nice clearinghouse for what is currently on the market worldwide. Listed Green® Homes – the Green MLS (Multiple Listing Service) exclusively for Energy Efficient, Sustainable Homes and Real Estate Developments For Sale Worldwide.

Listed Green Homes claims to be “committed to being part of the solution by educating the green home buyer and promoting sustainable, energy efficient, healthy building design – helping elevate the market value of green homes and eco-friendly developments.

Plus, it’s just fun to window shop…