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Green Home Guide-USGBC

The US Green Building Council recently launched For homeowners or potential homeowners (those seeking their next home) who are making the move to green, this site is a good clearinghouse for answering many questions, it’s also a great aide towards helping a homeowner to ask good questions.

The site features exclusive content written by experienced working professionals from across the nation, many architects, designers and other industry folks.

The first page opens up with a rolling set of relevant and provocative questions all pertaining to some aspect of a green home, such as:

  • “Without a dedicated heating sourced in a Passive House, will I stay warm enough in our cold and humid winters?”
  • “I am just starting to design a home and want to incorporate GREEN things. Do I start now or wait until I start working with a builder?”
  • “Are there any manufacturers of non-toxic, non off-gassing bathroom vanities? Are there any non toxic glues for bathroom tiles?”
  • “How many south facing windows for a 100% Passive House?”
  • “Our aluminum-frame windows are harboring condensation and mold. Can you recommend window solutions for a damp environment?”

Other types of information come in the form of articles written about such subjects as “Creating a Green Kitchen: From Resource Planning to Maintenance“, “Selecting Green Paint”, “9 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient”, and “Choosing Green Kitchen Countertops: Our Top Picks” to name a few.

There is also a handy directory of green building professionals, searchable by business name, city, state and/or zip code.

It seems to me, the audience for this site, is someone who is getting their feet wet in the world of green building for the first time. The information is manageable, not technical, relevant to regular people, and it covers a lot of ground while exposing the viewer to the concepts of green buildings and energy efficiency.

From here, they will have a good foundation on which to expand their awareness as they seek out new sources of information.

Green Home Guide. Check ‘em out.