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FROGBOX A Green Moving Alternative

This is a notable Puget Sound resource I just read about in the Business Examiner, “FROGBOX Brings Totatable Alternatives to South Sound“.

FROGBOX is a sustainable alternative to the resource-rich effort of moving. If you are are relocating your belongings whether from your home or business, FROGBOX supplies movers with plastic re-usable totes that can replace regular cardboard boxes.

People can order the amount of boxes needed from the FROGBOX website, FROGBOX will then deliver the re-usable boxes to be filled by you and when ready, they will come back to pick them up and drop off at the new location. It’s so obvious and such a great idea!

The article sites that 18 to 26 percent of landfill material is made up of cardboard and paper waste. FROGBOX is motivated to help reduce that number; plus, the company donates 1 percent of it’s gross revenues to frog habitat restoration. Ya gotta love that. Curious, I went to the FROGBOX website looking for the genesis of the name, I didn’t find that, but I did find a friendly little pitch on the state of the frog nation. I didn’t know…

FROGBOX donates 1% of gross revenues to frog habitat restoration. According to amphibian experts, frogs are the most threatened vertebrate group on Earth, with nearly one-third of the world’s 6,468 amphibian species in danger. At their current rate, frogs are disappearing faster than dinosaurs did.

Certain frog species in the Pacific Northwest are at high risk of becoming extinct, such as the Oregon spotted frog. FROGBOX will participate with different active organizations in the Pacific Northwest to help preserve these perishing amphibians.

Frogs are an indicator species, and the Pacific Northwest is one of the healthiest areas of the developed world. FROGBOX believes that we should all encourage change to help protect and restore the livelihood of frogs in our own backyard.

We hope that 1% of our revenues will make a difference locally.”