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First Passive House Prefab Panel Success!

We’re excited to report a huge success this week with the installation of our first prefabricated wall sections for an ultra energy efficient modest custom Passive House (PH) here in Olympia. This is the first PH project we’ve done where we pre-assembled all wall sections in our warehouse located at the defunct Satsop nuclear plant (some beautiful irony in that somewhere).

We’ve been eager to move construction assembly to a warm dry space that would allow for more exacting process efficiency, improved working conditions for our craftsman, and to optimize quality control of the product while incrementally reducing the overall cost of the project.

The on-site assembly went amazingly quickly. We put all the walls up in two days and we expect to have the structure completely weathered in within a week. Huge value in limiting exposure to the elements, the integrity of the building materials is well-preserved and there will be no expensive requirement to dehumidify the structure later in the process.

Here are a few photos to show you our pathway!