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Dreamy Light & Custom Design

Every design of ours tells a story, a piece of the narrative of the people living inside and what is important to them. And because of that intertwining of their story and ours, our work is deeply personal. So when we have the opportunity to take a custom design of a home to the next level, we are eager to oblige. The Delphi Haus really captures this for us.

The Delphi Haus Custom Design

One of the owners of this 2,250 sf custom Passive House lives with Lupus, an inflammatory ailment that attacks the immune system. This diagnosis meant that there were specific medical needs to meet as we designed the home. As a Passive House, the home is built to be heated by the sun, but we had to make sure that no direct light entered the interior. But for a person living with lupus, light is crucial. It provides emotional, mental and physical well-being. So we had to design a home with a ton of light, but no direct light. Our use of soffits makes it so that soft, bright, diffused light pours into the rooms in the most dreamy way! The home is also equipped for any possible mobility issues in the future and is CAIP (Certified Aging in Place) and wheelchair accessible.

This home is turning out beautifully and we can't wait to reveal the final product sometime this fall!

About Artisans Group

The Artisans Group specializes in building and remodeling some of the finest eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes in the Seattle & Olympia area. We are an eclectic band of uniquely talented Pacific Northwest architects, designers, craftsman, and managers with a shared passion for home design. Passive Houses are our niche, and we provide the simplest solutions to guarantee comfort and durability in home design while providing soulful beauty. Our mantra, 'Advanced Homes Made Elegant', succinctly captures the art and passion of our design and build team, as well as all remodel projects. This design philosophy is a dedication you can feel and a finesse in architecture that always proves stunning.

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