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Dream Custom Kitchen

Your Dream Custom Kitchen

If you are planning on a new custom kitchen or kitchen remodel project, no matter which way you look at it, it is a major endeavor.  When making decisions about how you want your new space to look and feel, there are many directions you can take. From doors to windows, cabinetry to hardware, lighting to flooring, wall color - there are so many choices that it can quickly become overwhelming to tackle on your own.  That's where Artisans Group comes in.

Custom Kitchen Passive House

Dreaming of a Beautiful Modern Kitchen?

We believe in designing beautiful, warm, fully customized spaces that are a reflection of our client’s unique tastes.  Our team of dedicated designers can help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of choices. Artisans Group has cultivated a wealth of in-depth product knowledge from our years of experience in the industry.  We take into consideration your vision, your goals, your lifestyle, and pull it all together to bring you a kitchen that you love.

A Modern Kitchen is the Heart of a Home

This is a place where family and friends come together to connect.  For many families, it is a space that takes on many different roles.  Not only is it a place where meals are prepared, but it is also shared space to entertain, a workspace, or a place to unwind after a busy day.  Artisans Group aspires to create kitchens that are warm and inviting, the soul of the modern home. We believe that a kitchen should not be cut off or isolated from the rest of the home.  Instead, a kitchen should flow seamlessly with your whole living space.

Kitchen Beauty is in the Details

When first embarking on the journey of designing your new kitchen or kitchen remodel project with Artisans Group we take into account who will use the kitchen and how they will use it.  Will there be multiple cooks using the space at the same time? One person doing the majority of the work? What is the frequency of which you prepare meals? These are some of the basic questions that help lay the groundwork for developing a tailored design plan for your stunning new kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Passive House

After we get a good understanding of the space, and of your individual needs, then comes the fun part of choosing colors, materials, finishes and lighting fixtures.  Thinking of quartz countertops, or funky pendant lights? How about a pop of color with a playful backsplash? At this stage, we set you, our client, out on the task of finding design inspiration anywhere and everywhere.  And there is a wealth of great design out there to inspire. From design magazines to blogs, Pinterest, and other online platforms, there is no shortage of access to images of beautifully crafted kitchens to stimulate your creative flow.  

Find a Kitchen Design Style that Speaks to You

During our initial design meetings, we will gather all of these ideas together and look for common themes that emerge as we hone in on your vision.  From there, we start to pull materials together and carefully integrate these selections into a cohesive design that we believe most successfully represents your unique vision for your new kitchen. Then we focus on the details and start moving towards making your dream kitchen your reality.  

 Midcentury Modern Custom Kitchen

Planning Your Custom Dream Kitchen

Now that we have our design inspiration and overall aesthetic locked in, we need to think about the functionality of your space.  This is where having expert kitchen designers on staff is a major advantage for Artisans Groups’ clients. Our comprehensive knowledge of cabinet design and kitchen layout can help us utilize our design tools to bring you a fully functional and efficient space that will help you maximize your spaces’ potential.

Any effective kitchen designer will tell you that ample storage is the key to a successful kitchen design.  We will ensure that your kitchen has room for an adequate amount of kitchen cabinets, shelving, and pantries.  Want to have a space to display, and easily access your cookbooks? Is a kitchen island a top priority? We can make it happen!

Custom Kitchen Design

Planning a kitchen can be very exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming without proper preparedness.  That’s why Artisans Group goes to great lengths in the initial planning phases of design to make sure we create the custom kitchen of your dreams.  We spare you the headache of trying to figure out how to pull it all together on your own. Artisans Group offers you a streamlined process and keeps your vision at the forefront 100% of the time.

Our team of highly skilled designers at Artisans Group will make sure that the workspaces and flow are fully optimized within your new kitchen space. Thinking of an open floor plan?  We carefully consider how your kitchen will interact with the rest of your home. The work triangle, traffic flow, designating areas for food prep, and ensuring you have ample storage and counter space are just some of the things that we keep in mind when tackling the overall layout of your highly functional new kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Passive House

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Dream Kitchen

At Artisans Group, we want to build you a kitchen with timeless appeal for the best value.  Our superior knowledge of material selections ensures that together we create a beautiful space that is comprised of durable, and high-quality materials.  Our years serving the region as industry leaders in kitchen design means that we can assist you in making informed decisions about kitchen products throughout the design+build process.

We pay close attention to how your material selections interact to ensure that we create a consistent design that you’ll love.  We can help get to the bottom of what's most important to you. Do you want energy-efficient products and sustainable materials?  Our designers guide you through your best options at a variety of price points to make sure that you get the look and feel that you want at a price that you are comfortable with.

Custom Kitchen Passive House

Kitchen cabinets are often the biggest expense on the checklist of your custom kitchen or remodel. It's important that we are cautious in our approach to choosing the best products available to meet your needs.  Will you go fully custom or integrate stock cabinets into your design? Budget often dictates the direction of decision making, but no matter what your price range, there are a variety of materials and cabinets to give you the right look at the best value.  

There is value that goes beyond monetary terms as well.  The kitchen is seen as a central hub of activity for modern lifestyles.  As such, they often see the most wear and tear of any space in the home. You want to make sure you make the right investment in materials and finishes that will last.

Bringing It All Together - Your Custom Kitchen

Modern Custom Kitchen

Artisans Group understands that your home is a part of you, and we will always make it a top priority to design with you in mind. Our team of experts, from architects to designers, and builders are committed to bringing you a superior, and value-based experience from beginning to end, and throughout the entire process of your custom kitchen, or kitchen remodel project.

We believe that when you come on board with our highly skilled team of professionals, we can bring you the fully functional, and elegantly crafted custom kitchen that you have always wanted.

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