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Do Passive Houses have to be, well.....Ugly?

I get asked that question a lot, don't worry, I don't take it personally. Some people don't like some of our modern styled houses, which is fine, to each their own and we can design and build Passive Houses in ANY style, traditional or otherwise.  More often than not though, I believe that people might be responding to some of the more blocky utilitarian examples of Passive House all over the world, of which there are many.  All you aesthetic nerds out there, don't panic, I have a fabulous project under construction that belies it's geeky heritage and blends high brow detailing with ever practical Passive House concept.  It's as if Einstein and Heidi Klum had a love child, both beautiful and smart.  We named it Cedar Haus.....because well, it's full of Cedar.
Cedar Haus is easily one of the coolest Passive Houses The Artisans Group has ever designed.   Currently under construction, this 2400 sf custom home has sweeping walls of glass, elegant tapered overhangs and a roof diaphragm that seems to hover over an engaging and unique floor plan.   You would never know it's a Passive House, except for the warm toes, fresh healthy indoor air, and teeny weenie energy bills.  Stay tuned for exciting updates on this epic house, some particular points to look forward too are the Zola Windows due in mid July and the Japanese style burned cedar siding (Shou Sugi Ban).

evans-site-11-07-13-FRONT evans-site-11-07-13-ANGLE Evans-3 Evans-1