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Covid-19 Update

Community & Health Matters 


Well - these are definitely interesting times and we hope that you and your loved ones are holding up in the midst of this current reality. 

At Artisans Group we continue to work by video conferencing, phone and email and it's full steam ahead for new and existing projects in design.  However, in light of our current understanding of Covid-19 events we are taking a break from conducting face-to-face meetings and site visits.  

We will continue to monitor this dynamic situation and make data supported decisions that put us in the best situation to help our community get back on its feet as quickly as possible.

If you'd like to talk with us by phone, please feel free to call us at either: 360.570.0626 or 206.639.7098 

As with many people we know you're probably inundated by information, but if we can recommend one thing to listen to, it's a podcast by Dr. Laurie Santos called The Happiness Lab.  Her approach is to take an evidence backed look at happiness, and she recently released a special called "Coronavirus BONUS: Beat Your Isolation Loneliness" that's a great listen. 

In the meantime, we wish you and yours health and some calm amidst the storm. 

 - The Artisans Group team