Cedar Haus- A Passive House Prodigy

Cedar Haus- A Passive House Prodigy is a testament to the beauty that can be achieved with Passive House or high performing energy efficient home.  "I want a Passive House, but they are so Ugly?" We hear that all the time from potential clients.  Second only to, "I love modern Architecture but I can't imagine living in a white, glass box."   Designing a warm, friendly,  yet modern home that uses less energy than a hair dryer to heat itself is quite a challenge. Cedar Haus- A Passive House ProdigyCedar Haus- A Passive House Prodigy Cedar Haus pushes the boundaries of Passive House design, with its large sheltering tapered overhangs and 16' of floor to ceiling glass, it seamlessly blurs the edges of inside and outside, all while challenging preconceived ideas of what a Passive House can look like.   Cedar Haus meets complex needs with a flexible 1,800 sf floor plan, including an unheated master suite sleeping porch, a light filled kitchen, an open air at home office, and en suite guest bedrooms.  Architectural wood treatments throughout the home add texture and form.  The home seamlessly integrates clerestory windows, a spruce floating ceiling feature, and cedar slat privacy screens. Cedar Haus- A Passive House ProdigyCedar Haus- A Passive House Prodigy The journey of this incredibly unique home has been challenging on all fronts; including setbacks and mishaps like the Lead Carpenter breaking both his arms on site.  This soulful home is innovative and a testament to what a collaboration of Design/Build can really accomplish! Cedar Haus- A Passive House Prodigy

Posted on September 25, 2015


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