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Can your modern Passive House fit into a historic neighborhood?

The Artisans Group is working on a new modern Passive House design to be constructed in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington state: Ebey's Reserve. A part of the town of Coopville, located on Whidbey Island, this village of historic homes is committed to preserving its historical architectural character. The neighborhood has enacted a series of design guidelines to maintain consistency between its houses and to promote a sense of history. It is often a challenge to design a house with modern sensibilities while being respectful of such guidelines, and this is even more tricky when balanced with the solar needs and performance goals of a super energy efficient house. However, we feel that this handsome little modern Passive House has risen to that challenge. By incorporating massing and proportions that fit the historic guidelines and including some historical design elements, such as a neighborly front porch and a iconic little garage, this gem of a design should fit right into the fabric of its neighborhood.  It also does a good job of not "pretending" to be historic and missing the mark, an equally important aspect when respectfully adding to an established street.
So, can your modern Passive House fit into a historic neighborhood?  We certainly think so....
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