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April, 2017

An End of April, 2017

As we fully round the corner of spring in the lush Pacific NW, it is busy here at Artisans Group.  We’re having a wonderful time working on top secret Commercial projects, building new Passive House homes (we just broke ground on a new Passive House in the middle of Olympia!) and helping clients get greater joy from their existing homes through additions and full house remodels. 

In a toast to joyful high quality hard work, this is a great moment to pause, take a deep breath, and reflect upon some of the awesomeness blooming around us.

April, 2017

Congratulations Are In Order

In the spirit of celebrating our clients’ successful home projects, our Interior Design maestro, Brenda Fritsch, CKD, CBD, CAPS, recently had her work recognized in the National 2017 Crystal Current Choice Design Awards.  

For an encore, South Sound magazine twice tapped Artisans Group for their 2017 Best of the South Sound:  Best Kitchen and Bath Designer (go Brenda, go!) and Best Remodeler.

We find awards to be a great chance to congratulate our clients because at Artisans Group, our clients work with our expertise as their tool.  We maintain an in-house staff of highly trained and practised experts who constantly communicate with each other in order to deliver an amazing home, on budget and on time.  Our clients provide the fuel of dreams to the Artisans Group know-how engine.  Together we design and build you a beautiful and revolutionarily comfortable home you love to live in.

Thank you everyone for your support and feedback in our pursuit of crafting beautiful homes for our clients.  We could not do this without you.

And an extra special congratulations to our clients.  Thank you for sharing your home dreams and aspirations.  It is with great pleasure that we embark on these journeys with you.

April, 2017

Another Successful Passive House NW Conference

Way back over the second weekend of April, Passive House NW had their 2017 Conference here in Olympia, WA.  We had a fantastic time.      

As our Principal Randy Foster says, “while staffing one of our homes on the Passive House Northwest tour, I visited with several engaging homeowners, six talented Architects, a Physicist, two real estate professionals, and two professional writers. The Passive House community is full of interesting people that are fully involved with life. It's a great group to be part of.”  Thank you Passive House NW, for staging this opportunity for knowledge sharing.

A giant thank you as well, to our clients who shared their homes with the visiting Passive House contingent.  Your generosity in sharing your beautiful homes with people curious about this building revolution is greatly appreciated.

Welcome To Our Neighborhood - Fun

When you stop by our offices for a visit, you may want to stop in and say hi to our new neighbor as well.

Olympia’s own Left Bank Pastry recently opened a storefront for their bakery just down the street from our offices.  Gary Potter, their Parisian Le Cordon Bleu trained baker & owner, bakes exquisite creations.  Our celebration of our new neighbors is measured in the silence of delicious enjoyment.

And this is Olympia Arts Walk weekend!  Celebrate spring, Oly style.  For two days our downtown core shines a light on local, regional, and nationally renowned artists.  Select streets in the core become pedestrian only to allow for a full range of meandering and busking fun.  A walk from the 222 Market to Dillinger’s with art, good times and more art in between sounds like a great weekend night to this blogger.  And when you get to Dillinger’s:  The Millionaire and Sons of the Harpy.  Enjoy.

April, 2017

A Reward For Making It To May

Congratulations, you made it it.  We have a reward for journeying this far through April and this post.  

Remember reading about Brenda and her recent run on awards?  Notes from our Interior Design expert to you - as spring pleasantly surprises the senses with bursts of color, Brenda sees people enjoying the harmony of neutral color schemes complimented by unexpected bright color pops.  From accent strips on walls to splashes of color with tile, Brenda sees clients loving the mix of serious and whimsy throughout the home.  

It really is a treat helping clients realize an artfully crafted home.

We look forward to working with you.