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Another Cool Passive House

We’ve been so busy around here lately that I haven’t introduced you to another really fun project we have in the works, The JEWEL BOX-Freas Residence . This unpretentious mid-century modern Passive House sits on a low bluff overlooking Budd Inlet, in the distance are the Black Forest, and the Olympic mountains, the next door neighbor is Priest Point Park. It’s a magical location to be sure. The building site has been prepped, we’re finishing up the foundation and will start framing soon, but, I’ll post on that a bit later. First, may I introduce…. The JEWEL BOX | FREAS RESIDENCE This 1137 sf Passive House is a gem of understated modern design. Located just outside the city limits of Olympia, it dances lightly on a sloped and wooded site. The approach of the house is recessed into the earth, creating a sense of shelter and compression at the entry process, contrasting elegantly with the cantilevered glass box that is the great room and the back of the structure. The floor to ceiling Pazen™ glazing in the great room faces the wooded area to the South, Puget Sound to the West (active shading required), and The Olympic Mountains to the North. The interior partition walls are treated with finished plywood and only extend to a 7’ height, with glass wrapping around the “mechanical core” for privacy. This small but flexible design is engineered to have a second story added to it in the future should family needs expand. The second structure on the site is a large woodworking and metal shop with a carport on the front for the client’s needs as sculptor and artist. This stunningly austere design proves the Passive House approach can be applied to any project program regardless of exposure, size, and lifestyle needs. In the case of this “Jewel Box” less is certainly more . . .

Posted on October 25, 2010