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American Clay Plaster

American Clay Earth Plaster is a wonderful, earthy wall finish that can span the style range from Tuscan rustic to modern. We’ve used this product on several projects this past year and it’s just a lovely material. It works well for remodels and new construction and really adds a touch of class no matter what the architectural style of your home.

Clay used as a building material has been around for ages. In this case, with the refined application techniques, it has such a nice ‘hand’ to the finish, and it has a living and organic quality that grounds a space yet isn’t overwhelming or heavy.

Clay plaster is very durable and sustainable and contains no VOC’s, folks with allergies really like this product. It’s also a very favorable ‘green’ building product and qualifies for LEED credits.

The website has some nice gallery images that are worth checking out. We have actual samples in our showroom that can give you a sense for the finish and look of the product. Our designers can also talk to you about their first hand experience using the plaster.

You might like to know that the American Clay company offers workshops for the DIY folks who would like to try their hand at working the plaster. They give bag counts and technique help on their website.