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A Custom Home, from Design to Build

Design+Build = Your New Home Exactly As You Want It.

Just as a kitchen that suits one person does not suit another, neither do entire homes.  The homes featured here are as unique as their owners' wishes and lifestyles.  With an Artisans Group custom designed home you can get exactly what you need, and leave out what you don't.

Being experts in the fields of Architecture & Construction, Artisans Group provides you with both services so you can avoid the headaches and time-consuming job of acting as general contractor.  We coordinate Architect, Interior Designers and Builders while you retain total control over the project.  From conversations over your first napkin doodles to the day you move into your gorgeous new home, we become your team.  We keep your vision alive and on budget every step of the way. With everything under one roof and a single point of accountability, we provide you with the ultimate in efficiency while working seamlessly to bring your ideas to a beautiful custom conclusion.

From the Outside

Our client sought clean, modern lines while preserving a Pacific Northwest feel.  Their desire for natural light, privacy and the extreme energy efficiency of a Passive House helped guide their home every step of the way.

Our clients think highly of historic American Architecture and wanted Passive level energy efficiency while enjoying views and privacy in a bustling neighborhood.  What a pleasure it was to work with them on the Prairie Passive House.

Avid gardeners, these clients wanted a strong visual connection to their exterior world.  They dreamed of making a kitchen the heart of their home where they could enjoy the best of family, friends, nature and cooking.

And this client wanted to integrate crisp modern lines with a glowing entry. They just love seeing their preferred architectural style every time they drive up.

To the Inside

Cedar Passive was the result of our client's desire for maximum natural light, an open floor plan and a mother-in-law apartment that was designed to be private yet connected.

This client has an active family.  They enjoy entertaining guests, sunlight and breathing room in the midst of a busy life. Working closely with them kept the client’s needs present throughout Design and right up to move-in day.

Our clients bring us beautiful ideas.  We love to turn their ideas into designs, and build exactly what they want and need in a quality home.

We’re Here to Bring You Home

We look forward to hearing from you.  Contact us for more information about how we can help you design and build your new lifestyle dream home.