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3 Reasons Business Allure Matters

Why Business Allure Matters

3 Reasons Allure Matters For Your Business

1. Social Media

Today, word of mouth is amplified.  

An Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook always-on-community shares experiences.  People post photos that raise interest and awareness.  They even catch people’s attention when they’re looking on their phone for places to go.        

Field of Dreams was right:  if you build joy and beauty, people will come.

And they will share your allure far and wide.

2. It’s Your Advantage Over Online and Mega Marketplaces

As anyone selling a product knows, it’s tough to compete with online options.  

They’re always open, their overhead is lower, their bulk purchasing power is staggering, and they seem to offer just about everything.

But not a full sensory experience.

Selfies of online shopping aren’t exactly a thing.  But people go out of their way for allure; that’s art.

You can offer something unique, a whole sensory artful experience.  You can paint with splashes of natural light.   

You can inspire.  And that’s a major advantage in today’s marketplace.

3. Your Investment Matters

Your time, your care, and your money go into your business.

And your business needs customers to choose you.

An investment in a better experience for you and your customers is a catalyst for community and commerce.

The allure of beautiful and health promoting design brings people in the door, gets them to come back, and inspires recommendations.  

Allure is aspirational.

ALLURE - designed

This is your business we’re talking about, after all.

And your success begins with welcoming community through your front door.

Your business is your invitation - please come in, find your Awesome here.  

Our team brings cutting edge design experience with building science, artful craft, and the chops to design allure with the walls of your business.  

Tell us about your goals and the community you work with; we’ll show you a beautiful way to welcome success.

Why Business Allure Matters


We listen to you - that’s the foundation.  

Your knowledge of your business and community are integral elements of our process; the base upon which we create your signature space that exudes the authentic qualities of your brand.   

Hospitality Design, Retail, Office, and Commercial Kitchens - you name it - creating alluring and functional spaces that work great for you and your customers is our passion.

From easing the stress of permitting and project coordination, to keeping your project on budget and on time, we are your team of award winning experts.  

Do you have existing systems and site limitations which seem problematic, or take away from the attractiveness of your brand?  Our experience and know-how can maximize their benefit for your business.

An obtrusive sprinkler, heating or ventilation system can be elegantly woven into the ambiance of your business.  A small floor plan or minimal counter space is an opportunity to creatively adapt your space to your needs.

Thoughtful design, highly skilled craft, local sourcing and knowledge of alternative building materials and methods are at your service.

You can see examples of both our residential and commercial design in our Portfolio.


On June 28, 2017, the Building Industry Association of Washington held its annual Excellence in Remodeling Awards ceremony.  Located in Spokane’s historic, Kirtland Cutter designed Davenport Hotel, the ceremony is a chance for statewide industry peers to celebrate each other’s built excellence.

We are honored to share with you that Olympia’s own 222 Market won the 2017 over $250,000 Commercial Remodel award!

This downtown destination is an unfolding success story in a bustling urban core, and we are proud to be part of it.

Why Business Allure Matters


The art of your business remodel or new construction, is attending to all of the details.  And just like you, we’re passionate about our craft.  

From excited napkin sketch design, through bureaucratic forms and the great joy of opening up shop, minding the details of your project’s success is our definition of success.  

Your time, your budget, your aspirations, and your business are important.

We are your Pacific Northwest Design+Build firm, and we strive to make a more joyful, healthy and alluring world.

Contact us to learn more about your business’s possibilities.