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3 Benefits of Artisans Group Design+Build

3 Benefits of Artisans Group Design+Build

Embarking on a Major Project

So you’ve decided to jump into a major home project.

Whether it’s a remodel of your existing home, or you want to build a custom home, you are in Major Project land.  Even a cursory internet search of your available options reveals a fundamental truth - you have a lot of options!

Architects, designers, and contractors abound.  You collect advice from family and friends, read reviews, and look at pictures.  When it comes right down to it, though, how do you keep your stress low with a Major Project?   How do you keep it on budget and on time? 

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Artisans Group has an answer.  Design+Build creates a single point of contact that removes onerous and time consuming hurdles.  In our experience, your Major Project can be a joyful and fun journey.


In traditional construction practice, often called design-bid-build, you find an architect, or designer, to help you design your project.  Design in hand, you then seek contractor bids to build your home.  This typically means you receive final cost estimates well after your design is complete.    

Design+Build brings the moving parts of a construction project under one roof.  Experts of both fields work together as advocates for your choices, your budget, and your time; from the first napkin sketches until the last finish carpenter departs.

3 Benefits of Artisans Group Design+Build

1. Everything Under One Roof

Your project is important, in every detail.  With one point of accountability, your custom elements are seamlessly communicated between design and construction.  You home is a cohesive narrative at all points of the process, precisely because we all work together, from Day 1.  

Rather than the stress of coordinating and interpreting your desires between an architect and a contractor, we coordinate while you maintain overall control.  This efficiency in communication allows us to safeguard what you want.   

We get it.  Your home is an integral part of your lifestyle and aspirations.  Your team of award winning designers and builders is here to make sure that your dream home is a home of exceptional craft.  We enjoy the details that make your journey more joyful. 

2. Save Time - Save Money

Because the design and construction teams are under one roof, our practiced lines of communication build coordination into every step of the process.  From discovering potential problems early in the design phase, to adaptive responses in the field, working together means you stay informed while we work on solutions.

Your time is valuable, and a slowdown in construction because of a miscommunication or a lack of coordination eats into your budget.  Design+Build minimizes the number of times you need to explain your ideas, and maximizes the coordination of your team.          

3. Consistent Quality Control      

Your beautiful new dream home or remodel, from start to finish, is our top priority.

Our award winning experts attend to the details through every aspect of design and construction, while you maintain overall control through a single point of accountability.  From the materials you choose, to the unique aspects of your custom home design, we cooperatively work to meet and exceed your expectations.  

On a practical level, we know the quality of your custom home is excellent because we never stop being involved.              

We Look Forward to Working With You   

Obviously we’re biased, but our bias is born out of our clients’ joy with the process.

We’re excited to hear about your dream home or remodel, and how we can customize it to compliment your lifestyle.