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2017 Tour of Homes

2017 Tour of Homes

Olympia Master Builders’ 2017 Tour of Homes

The Tour of Homes is one of our favorite annual celebrations of residential architecture in the South Sound.

This year marks 17 years and is a two day event sponsored by Olympia Federal Savings and Olympia Master Builders.  

A free event, your registration allows you to experience some of the latest innovations in regional home design and construction through touring completed new homes and remodels.  And you get to speak with the responsible professionals who designed and built the projects you tour!

It’s a great opportunity (see below) and we always have a wonderful time.    

In addition - and following last year’s roaring success - the acclaimed Chefs on Tour opens the celebration for the second year in a row. *cue raucous applause*  Tickets are required for Chefs on Tour, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about where to purchase your culinary delight.

2017 Tour of Homes


Olympia Master Builder’s Tour of Homes.


September 14th for Kick-off Party

September 15th for Chefs on Tour.

  • 4pm-10pm @ multiple locations

September 16 & 17 (Saturday & Sunday)

  • 11am - 5pm both days

Where can you find us?

Throughout the South Sound.  We’ll keep you updated as we have more specifics. 

We can share a couple locations we’re familiar with...

1. 222 Market is one of this year’s Chefs on Tour hosts, and is where we’ll be meeting-and-greeting.  This hub of energy is a driving force in Olympia’s vibrant Market District - if you haven’t visited yet, we’ll show you around.  If the 222 Market is now part of your routine enjoyments, we’re excited to hear about your experiences.

Chefs Kevin Gerlich, Austin Navarre, Christopher Proctor, Andre Le Rest, and Ryle Gazmen will provide delicious food from the Bistro, Pantry, Oyster Bar, Sofie's Scoops, Bread Peddler, and Creperie.  And if you can't find us right away, we'll probably be snacking...

Tour of Homes

photo by Poppi Photography

2.  The Delphi House is part of the 2017 Tour of Homes and is our most recent Passive House.

Snuggled into its site yet open and light, Delphi is a breath-of-fresh-air on a busy day.  From fine detail craft to unparalleled comfort - we’re excited to show you around this fusion of extreme energy efficiency with contemporary elegance.

Curious about the building science behind it?  Want to talk about feelings that the quiet comfort and harmony of this home evokes?

We will be on hand throughout the Tour, and we look forward to our conversations.

More Information to Follow

Olympia Master Builders’ Calendar (select September) has updated links as the date gets closer.

And we’ll keep posting about the occasion.  After all, we look forward to seeing you there.       

A Fun Time - Great Opportunities.

The Tour of Homes?  Mix residential architecture enthusiasts with local real estate, construction, and design professionals.  Bring in curious minds, senses, people interested in new homes, and people interested in community development.  

What an incredible recipe for conversation starters.  

The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of architectural design.  

The world is awake and paying attention.  

Our regional quest to understand and work with highly variant natural light (instead of just railing about it) is paying dividends.  Thoughtful design to make better use of windows and light wells.  Artful design that bends natural light around corners and throughout a home.  Our successes accumulate and worldwide interest in Pacific Northwest architecture now pushes beyond the Space Needle’s Googieness.    

The Tour of Homes is a chance for you to visit with local industry experts.  You can talk with us, share your experiences, compare notes, and find out more about the incredible architecture rising up around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Full Sensory Experience and Actual Face-to-Face Answers

It’s okay to admit it.  

We all feel the tug of online photo gazing and better home dreaming.  But photos only hint at the full experience.

These two days in September are a great opportunity for you to experience new residential design with all of your senses.  How do you actually feel when you walk through the front door?  What colors do you see in person when the sunlight streams across the kitchen counter?

You experience the homes and speak with the professionals behind the work.  Do you have a question about the materials you see, overall design, or aging-in-place customization?  Or maybe you’re curious about the process of designing and building your dream home.  

This is a chance to get immediate feedback for your inquiries.       


Over the years we’ve spoken with a lot of wonderful people on the Tour of Homes, and we always look forward to meeting more.  Our community is growing, word is out about the amazingness of the Pacific Northwest, and we like getting to know our neighbors.  

Food, architecture and community.

What a great chance to share time and conversation together.  

Some Fun History & A Bright Future

A quick Tour of Homes search of our blog turns up some of our fun filled history with this great event.  We’ve always had a great time.  I just used "great" twice, that's how great it's been.  That's four times now!  On with the toast...     

To our gracious hosts who share their homes.

And to everyone excited about this continued drive to design and build ever better in the South Puget Sound.

Here’s to pushing the envelope of design and built excellence in our beautiful neck of the woods.  We look forward to speaking with you.