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We love the Pacific Northwest as much as you do. Every team member of our full service home remodeling firm is passionate about artfully using the best available science to convert houses into beautiful, resilient, and sustainable homes in our communities.   Your home, your budget, your aspirations, and the quality of your experience are all central to our work together.

With 20 years of Pacific Northwest experience, from Seattle and the San Juan Islands through Olympia and Portland, every Artisans Group custom house remodel celebrates your individuality, unique needs, lifestyle, and green living choices. Because your goals are at the heart of our relationship,  we listen and then we create a design plan together to turn your home into a celebration of how you want to live.

Do I need an architect or a designer for my high-end house remodel?

If you are thinking about a full-scale remodeling project for your house you may be wondering if you need to hire an architect or design professional, or if a contractor will suffice. For whole-house renovations, large additions or even complete kitchen remodels, the benefits of hiring an architect ordesign professional are passed to you through a holistic update of your home.  We are here to ensure that your aesthetic vision is compatible with structural requirements; we make your home beautiful, livable, and structurally sound.

The Artisans Group provides start-to-finish innovative and award winning contemporary Pacific Northwest architecture and professional design services. Our community minded and forward thinking craftsmen, interior designers and architects offer expertise in project management, design theory and engineering; all under one roof.

Partaking in our full service experience means that your home, your time, your custom details, and your budget remain central to the conversation. From the first napkin sketches through the years and the stories you create, we’re here to ensure that your home is a revolution in comfort and a joy to live in.

With a collaborative design+remodel process, our team of Olympia and Seattle residential house remodelers design and remodel your home so that it’s personalized for you and your lifestyle.  Whether you choose traditional or modern design, our Olympia and Seattle design firm employs licensed architects who use cutting edge building science to artfully modernize your home for unparalleled comfort and quality.

Imagine breathing fresh filtered indoor air while relaxing next to your floor-to-ceiling window view, or kicking back on your spectacular deck overlooking Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound.  Imagine keeping the neighborhood you love and finding a whole new level of appreciation for your home.  We’re here for you.  We listen to your dreams and then we design and create your amazing reality.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Large-Scale Residential Remodel Projects

Our Olympia and Seattle professional remodeling craftsmen and designers are ready to tackle your green home remodel.  Through modernizing or expansion, we develop plans and bring your vision to life.  Your custom residential remodel can turn your house into your dream home.     

Modernize your house for improved efficiency, beauty and function.  Your home can have updated and eco-friendly bathrooms.  You will freely move around your updated and gorgeous kitchen, a kitchen that’s beautiful and functional for you and your needs.  Fall in love with your home again with a floorplan suited to your lifestyle.  

Whether we remove walls to create open floorplans, tastefully appoint your home with Universal Design,  Aging In Place and experiential design elements, or you want to expand with an extra room or a fully finished basement; our full service remodel firm ensures your experience has less stress and more fun.

The Artisans Group Remodel Process

Whether remodeling a home for green living, a growing family or Aging In Place, our clients rely on us to honor their vision and to be kept informed and educated; starting on day one.

With our full service approach, you can be involved in the process as much as you would like. You can review and approve plans, choose sustainable and eco-friendly materials that meet your preferences, see all the angles and paint different colors on every wall with our 3D architecture models; or, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we ensure the success of each integral detail. 

Your project is our passion, and its importance and the commitment necessary to see it through from pie-in-the-sky dream to your daily refuge and reality is why we’re in this business.   

Our process begins with the pre-design phase that builds trust and sets the remodeling process up for success. From architectural design to construction and final walk-though; Artisans Group remodels your house into your dream home - on time, within budget, and with less stress on your already busy life.


During the pre-design phase we establish our relationship, write the design contract, create a massing model of any addition concepts, and work out initial ballpark pricing. With construction experts on your team from the beginning, real-world cost projections and buildability are part of the package. A realistic budget projection based on actual field numbers is developed early on and is provided as part of our service.


The steps in our design phase all represent a significant value added aspect that comes from working with an experienced Olympia and Seattle design-build firm. After meeting each other to discuss how you would like to transform your home (your “program” in architecture lingo) we then develop your initial schematic design. This conceptual design allows us to problem solve together because you can clearly see how the future space will look and feel like before signing off. Our open and early budget communication also makes this phase an ideal time for you to make changes like greater customization with higher quality materials, integrating more green building options, or, if necessary, paring down your list of wants. Once the changes have been established, a full schematic design is created along with a refined ballpark budget.

We know that the remodeling budget is a major source of stress for most people - and that it can feel unstable with design changes - so we work with you to make the budget feel understandable. When it’s smooth sailing, we let you know. When there’s a rough patch ahead, we let you know. Our open communication gives you solid footing throughout our work together.

After Design Development documents are created, the fun of Interior Design development begins. Our award winning design experts help guide you through the maze of choices and layouts, helping you settle on what works best to support your lifestyle. And because your Interior Designer is with us from the start, your vision remains a consistent and understood part of your home redesign.   

If you decide to convert your home into an extremely energy efficient Passive House through a Passive House Retrofit, we handle energy modeling through the highly accurate Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) system. In addition, we utilize the best available building science to make your home more resilient and adaptable.

Next, we employ engineers to review our design plans and ensure seismic integrity. With our many years of Pacific Northwest experience, we know that sometimes the earth moves a bit - so we employ a seismic retrofit when appropriate.

From here it’s time for our team to handle the construction documents (CDs) and permit development. You relax while our experienced crew takes care of the necessary bureaucracy to get a construction permit; just another part of your full service experience.    

We also use this time to review our hard budget numbers. This potentially stressful time is often a gratifying moment because, with our experienced custom builders on the job since day one, the hard budget figures are typically in line with our ongoing estimates.

Then, before we begin construction, we sign the construction contract and ensure all project funding is up to date. With this necessary step out of the way, we take care of the final leg of permitting bureaucracy. During the permitting review process we resolve any unexpected issues and keep you informed of possible resolutions.

Expect us to handle any road blocks with determination and a sense of humor.

The last step before construction remodeling begins is the hand off to field. Our Olympia and Seattle design team works hand-in-hand with the craftsmen who will bring your custom remodel to life from the start, making the handoff a seamless transition and low-stress experience. With an expert from our team on site every day, your vision gets built into your remodel.

Remodeling Construction

With our designers and craftsmen involved in all phases of the project, your design principles are not up for reinterpretation.

This consistent reinforcement of your vision means you get what you want out of your remodel. The craftsmen who remodel your home are part of our regular design meetings, so they understand the intent of your vision, and designers make frequent visits to your home during the remodeling phase to answer any questions and attend to the finest of details.

Your participation in each step of the construction process is welcome. There are several phases of official walkthroughs including framing, HVAC, cabinets, electricity-plumbing, finish and trim. The walkthroughs can help you keep track of the pace of a full-scale remodel and give you a realistic understanding of construction phases and timeline for completion.


Post-construction is the ultimate excitement of you walking into your remodeled house, customized to your lifestyle. Together, we conduct the last walk through, review your warranty, and earn final approval. At this stage we pursue accreditation for Passive House retrofit clients interested in certification, which often carries increased resale value. Once accreditation is granted, the home is Passive House certified,  recognition that it is now one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world. 

When we hand the keys to you, we’re not finished. We recognize that a major remodel to your home is a phenomenal commitment, and our relationship is extremely important and often extends for years. We have been honored to work with a number of clients through multiple occasions and changes in their lives.

We’re invested in the quality of your experience today and tomorrow.

If you are ready to start a high-end remodeling project that will convert your house to fit your Pacific Northwest lifestyle, let’s get the conversation started. 

Our full service team of architects, designers and craftsmen is here to help you through the process from conception to completion. 

If you are ready to convert your home into a healthy living paradise, let’s get the conversation started. Contact us today!

Our home is the warmest, brightest home we have ever lived in. That it can be warm, and comfortable, year-round, and operated inexpensively, with as many windows as we have, is remarkable.
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