Large-Scale Residential Remodel Projects 

Our Olympia and Seattle professional remodeling craftsmen and designers are ready to tackle your home remodel and bring your vision to life. With care and good old fashioned hard work, your custom residential remodel can turn your house into your dream home.  Our Pacific Northwest design-build team can modernize your home for improved efficiency, beauty and function.  

Imagine sleek, modern, and eco-friendly bathrooms.  See yourself freely moving around your updated and gorgeous kitchen.  From the very beginning we look provide you with a home that’s beautiful and functional for you and your lifestyle.  Whether we remove walls to create open floorplans, tastefully appoint your home with Aging-in-Place and Universal Design elements, or you want to expand with an extra room or a fully finished basement; our full service remodel firm ensures your experience has less stress and more fun.

Artisans Group Seattle Passive House Retrofit

Our Seattle green home solutions allow clients to revolutionize the energy performance and air quality of their home with a Passive House retrofit. Unlock the true potential of your home with an eco-friendly remodel. Add more natural light and solar heating with strategic placement of triple-pane windows. Reduce the monthly drain of energy bills with upgraded insulation.  Install a cutting-edge Heat Return Ventilation system (HRV)that filters and cycles indoor air throughout the house, dramatically improving air quality.  Our clients enjoy huge reductions in carbon emissions, heating, and cooling costs without investing in solar panels. For those who wish to pursue solar panels and maybe even seek a net-zero home, all our projects feature solar ready design.

A passive house retrofit is a substantial upgrade from a non-passive house; it is a staging exercise with each stage carefully scheduled to ensure that the project build will meet green building standards.

If you are ready to convert your home into a healthy living paradise, let’s get the conversation started. Contact us today!


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