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We love the Pacific Northwest as much as you do. And you built your business here.

And along the way you’ve gained some serious skills with your business.  You know what works, and what can run you into the red.  You know that today’s Marketplace of expedient and affordable online buying and distractions creates a difficult problem.  We have an answer, and it’s beautiful.

When the experience your business offers artfully communicates your brand, when your customers stop to take a picture and post it online, or get inspired to write a glowing review, then your business has a winning modern Marketplace strategy.

Every team member of our full service Pacific Northwest commercial design build firm is passionate about creating experiential architecture that helps your business thrive.  As fierce advocates of your commercial project, our experience in Building Information Modeling (BIM), sustainable design, materials, permitting, cutting edge building science, and quality craftsmanship is your key to creating an amazing experience for your customers.

With your unparalleled knowledge of your business and customers central to our conversations, we listen, and then we create your signature space that exemplifies the authentic qualities of your brand.

Let’s give’em something to Instagram about.  Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Pacific Northwest Design+Build Experience

With 20 years of Pacific Northwest experience, from Seattle and the San Juan Islands through Olympia and Portland, Artisans Group celebrates your unique needs and aspirations by honoring your time, your custom details, and your budget.  Our commercial design-build firm uses a collaborative process to provide start-to-finish innovative and award winning contemporary Pacific Northwest commercial design and construction. With community minded and forward thinking local architects, designers, project managers, and craftsmen all under one roof; we advocate for your project’s success from dream through grand opening, and beyond..

We encourage you to browse our portfolio of commercial projects or, even better, visit and experience them for yourself.  Our clients’ businesses reflect their commitment to our community and the inspirational full sensory adventure of thoughtful experiential design.  

Artisans Group Commercial Design

Artisans Group commercial design services are part of your commercial pre-build process. Our commercial design team helps clients conceptualize building plans and budget requirements. We know that effective planning in the pre-construction phase means saving time, money and unexpected hassles for our business clients down the road.

Our team of experienced commercial architects will design a beautiful, modern commercial space for your needs. We take all practical and whimsical goals into consideration before testing them in our 3D architecture models. 3D models take the guesswork out of where shade needs to be integrated into the design, for example. It allows our commercial designers to maximize business visibility while accounting for sunlight that translates into excess heat gain. In addition, our commercial clients can review the commercial building plans using 3D architecture models before construction begins.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Artisans Group Commercial Builders

Our Olympia and Seattle commercial builders bring commercial architectural plans to life. Our integrated commercial design+build process is a complete package starting with conceptual architectural design, building plans and budget requirements and ending with final construction. Design-build is a streamlined plan that allows us to minimize the owner’s project risk and deliver a building in the most efficient manner possible.

Our clients have come to depend on our Olympia and Seattle commercial design-build team for great communication, problem solving, innovative architecture and quality craftsmanship.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Artisans Group Commercial Retrofit

Designed to meet the needs and wants of the business owner without sacrificing charm; our full service commercial retrofit firm turns old buildings into new commercial spaces. As Olympia and Seattle commercial builders we were proud to win a tourism award for a 2016 marketplace retrofit.

Your business can achieve real sustainability with huge reductions in carbon emissions and save money on energy costs with a “green” retrofit when you upgrade your commercial building to a higher environmental certification standard. A “green” retrofit means more natural light and solar heating with strategic placement of triple-pane windows. A cutting-edge Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV) that filters and cycles indoor air throughout your business dramatically improves air quality.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started.

Artisans Group Commitment to Community

We work with local vendors and source repurposed building materials whenever possible.  Resiliency, we find, happens by investing in our community, and are always on the lookout for commercial projects where community members can walk to and that inspire community gatherings.  We also strive to create a working environment that’s supportive of our employees through further education, flexible family friendly hours, and a fun working environment that had us recognized by The Business Examiner as a Top Places to Work.    

The Artisans Group Commercial Design+Build Process

Whether retrofitting an old building for commercial space or designing and building a new location for your business, our clients rely on us to honor their vision and to be kept informed and educated; starting on day one.

With our full service approach, you can be involved in the process as much as you would like. Review and approve plans, choose sustainable and eco-friendly materials that meet your preferences, see all the angles and paint different colors on every wall with our SketchUp models; or sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we ensure the success of each integral detail.

No matter what level of involvement is right for you, when you work with us we become advocates of your project.  From working with the banks, to navigating city, county, and state regulations, we are bulldogs when it comes to getting your business built.  

Your project is our passion, and its importance and the commitment necessary to see it through from pie-in-the-sky dream to the perfect home for your business is why we do what we do. Our process begins with the pre-design phase that builds trust and sets the commercial designing, building or retrofitting process up for success. From architectural design to construction and final walk-though; Artisans Group designs and builds your dream commercial space - on time, within budget, and with less stress on your already busy life.


During the pre-design phase we establish our relationship, conduct initial site feasibility checks, write our design contract, create a massing model of your concepts, and work out initial ballpark pricing. With construction experts on your team from the beginning, real-world cost projections and buildability are part of the package. By conducting a thorough site feasibility analysis we save you headaches and disappointment down the road by eliminating sites that are unbuildable, unsuitable for your needs, or have other potential issues (we’ve seen a lot of things over the years). A realistic budget projection based on actual field numbers is developed early on and provided as part of our service.


The steps in our design phase all represent a significant value added aspect that comes from working with an experienced Olympia and Seattle commercial design-build firm. After meeting each other to discuss your hopes and needs in a business space (your “program” in architecture lingo) we then develop your schematic design. This conceptual design allows us to problem solve together as we work toward your ideal layout that maximizes the value of your business for you. Our open and early budget communication also makes this phase an ideal time for you to make changes like greater customization with higher quality materials, integrating more green building options, or, if necessary, paring down your list of wants. Once the changes have been established, a full schematic design is created along with a refined ballpark budget.  

We know that the design and building budget is a major source of stress for most people - and that it can feel unstable with design changes - so we work with you to make the budget feel understandable. When it’s smooth sailing, we let you know. When there’s a rough patch ahead, we let you know. Our open communication gives you solid footing throughout our work together.

After Design Development documents are created, the fun of Interior Design development begins. Our award winning commercial design experts help guide you through the maze of choices and layouts, helping you settle on what works best to support your business or organization. And because your Interior Designer is with us from the start, your vision remains a consistent and understood part of your commercial design.   

Site approval is then handled, as is the necessary plan for stormwater. We use the best available building science to design and construct more resilient and adaptable commercial spaces for our clients. If you decide to do a “green” retrofit with us we will be integrating eco-friendly building materials and other green building concepts such as maximizing solar gain with huge windows.

Next, we employ engineers to review our design plans and ensure seismic integrity.  With our many years of Pacific Northwest experience, we know that sometimes the earth moves a bit so we design and build for beauty and durability.

From here it’s time for our team to handle the construction documents (CDs) and permit development. You relax while our experienced crew takes care of the necessary bureaucracy to get a construction permit; just another part of your full service experience.    

We also use this time to review our hard budget numbers. This potentially stressful time is often a gratifying moment because with our experienced custom commercial builders on the job since day one, the hard budget figures are typically in line with our ongoing estimates.

Then, before we begin construction, we sign the construction contract and ensure all project funding is up to date. With this necessary evil out of the way, we take care of the final leg of permitting bureaucracy. During the permitting review process we resolve any unexpected issues and keep you informed of possible resolutions. Expect us to handle any road blocks with determination and a sense of humor.

The last step before construction is the hand off to field. Our Olympia and Seattle commercial design team works hand-in-hand with the craftsmen who build your custom commercial space from the start, making the handoff a seamless transition and low-stress experience. With an expert from our team on site every day, your vision gets built into your business.


With our designers and craftsmen involved in all phases of the project, your design principles are not up for reinterpretation. This consistent reinforcement of your vision means you get what you want in your business. The craftsmen who build commercial space are part of our regular design meetings so they understand the intent of your vision and designers make frequent visits to your site during the building phase to answer any questions and attend to the finest of details.  

Your participation in each step of the construction process is welcome, and starts with a siting field visit. There are several phases of official walkthroughs including framing, HVAC, cabinets, electricity-plumbing, finish and trim. The walkthroughs can help you keep track of the tidal pace of a commercial construction site; giving you a realistic understanding of construction phases and readiness.


Post-construction is the ultimate excitement of you walking into a commercial space customized to your needs and dreams. Together, we conduct the last walk through, review your warranty, and earn final approval. We seek the environmental certification standard for green retrofits at this stage.

When we hand the keys to you, we’re not finished. We recognize that designing and building a business space is a phenomenal commitment. Our relationship is extremely important and often extends for years. We have been honored to work with a number of clients through multiple occasions and changes in their lives and businesses.

We’re invested in the quality of your experience today and tomorrow.


If you are ready to start the design and/or construction of your dream commercial space; let’s get the conversation started. Our commercial design-build team is here to help you through the process from conception to doors open. Contact us today!


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