We start each project by listening carefully. It’s okay to have disparate and scattered desires! We are experts at organizing your ideas into actionable plans. We take pride in client truly enjoying each step of the process. With our technical expertise and passion for beautiful living simplified, we are able to consistently create stunning architecture that seamlessly transitions into incredibly comfortable homes.

From Our Clients:

“Love the way the look is turning out and seeing all the pieces coming together.  The home fits our personalities and is everything and more than we hoped it would be so far! So excited to move in!” Kelly L.

“Our experience of working with the Artisans Group was remarkably smooth. The outcome exceeded our expectations. We feel we got what we paid for – a well-built home using much less energy than the average home, that will be comfortable to live in for many years, with no headaches during the building process.

The forward-thinking “Passive House” technology came along as a bonus I hadn’t thought much about in advance—that turned out to be a remarkable advantage I wouldn’t want to be without. I liked the idea of a house that doesn’t use a lot of energy, but the main advantage has been a new paradigm of comfort difficult to compare to anything I had experienced before. It’s quiet, the air is always fresh, the temperature steady in a comfortable range.” Don F.

“I have nothing but good things to say about Artisans Group.  The entire staff has been with me every step of the way from the initial design discussions to the final product!  They have been available by phone, email, and in person whenever I have had questions.”

Island Passive House

Island Passive House - built 200X 1533 sf, Shaw Island, San Juans, WA

“I have physical separation from the elements, but not from the surrounding terrain or forest, orchard, and bay. It’s a fantastic lookout. In my regular routines I pass by other homes AG has produced in the few years since they finished mine, and I find they always make me smile. I’d be happy to be returning to any of them. But I’m always glad it’s this one I’m coming home too. I’m ever-grateful for the experience of working with Artisans Group.”

“The upper corners of the uppermost bedroom, the baseboard in the basement, and the kitchen table are all 72 degrees. The thermostat is set at 72 degrees. The heating bill open on the table is only for $10 but it’s been less than 40 degrees outside for weeks. My feet are always warm, I’ve almost forgotten about slippers. It seems so comfortable, so right, that one must be reminded that very few homes are built to deliver this performance.”

“Seeing Tessa Smith’s house designs made me want to begin a conversation with Artisans Group about building a house. There was just something lively and human in the way she was organizing the arrangement of spaces and life-functions. I loved the simple honesty of the structures, and the attention to detail in the construction.”

“[Artisans] synthesized the heart of our conversation into a building that looked very little like what I might have designed myself, that has turned out to be more “me” than I could have imagined. “Somehow the house feels inside out, or outside-in. I have physical separation from the elements, but not from the surrounding terrain or forest, orchard, and bay…I’m cozy and content no matter what’s going on outside. I’m ever-grateful for the experience of working with Artisans Group.”