BIG House: Almost Passive House near Seattle

The BIG House is a multi-generational, almost Passive House, Located on Echo Lake in Shoreline, just north of Seattle, Washington.  Designed and built as an enduring family legacy, this house is divided between four soundproofed units, each spilling into common use areas, providing both privacy and social activities for each member of the extended family.

Seattle Passive House

BIG House Front View

While not quite matching the high performance standards of a Passive House, the energy efficiency of the BIG House will far exceed a typical code built structure of comparable size, thereby allowing the occupants a similar level of comfort, quiet, low energy demand and a healthy indoor environment and best of all, the energy savings are locked in for future generations! The technology to accomplish all of this is built into the design and realized through construction and as such, it is a team sport; with the most Passive Houses designed and built in the Northwest, the Artisans Group is an experienced team.  Although an Olympia based company, the Artisans Group has designed and is building several Seattle Passive Houses in 2016 and 2017.

Seattle Passive Hosue

BIG House Echo Lake View

Multi-generational houses are a rarity nowadays, however they provide a unique opportunity for the right family to enjoy a better quality of life. The older generation can assist with the care of the grandchildren, while the younger generation can assist with the overwhelming changes in a technological world. Living together helps to consolidate resources, minimize environmental impact and maximize energy efficiency.

Seattle Passive House

BIG House
Ground Floor

“The most successful marketing programs are guaranteed utility bills.” Dr. Joseph Lstiburek

Energy efficiency isn’t so much about reducing your carbon footprint, as much as it just makes sense, like a thermos keeping your beverages cold and your soup hot.

Seattle Passive House

BIG House
2nd floor

With its superior indoor air quality, reduced energy consumption, built-in comfort and long-term durability, the almost Passive BIG House will provide an enduring family legacy for many generations to come. Time is precious, spend it with the ones you love.