Modern Home Interiors: The Perfect Neutral

Unconstrained by design era elements, modern home interiors lend themselves beautifully to any choice in home decor and furnishings.  Peaceful, neutral clean lines leave you free to individualize your home to your heart’s desire without concern for period architecture clashing with choices or locking you into a particular style. Our clients love this feature in their Artisans Group designed and built home.

Artisans Group Design: Open concept with connection to the outdoors, something many of our clients desire.  Densely populated urban homes benefit from our design that allows that connection while affording privacy.

Highly Customizable

Artisans Group architects and designers can customize elements of the modern interior to showcase special pieces or entire collections. They then create complementary visual elements through creative use of contrast and design concepts. Your interior will be balanced and purpose built to your lifestyle and decorating preferences

Artisans Group Design: The interior can also be designed to enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.  Here, a stunning custom rock wall provides privacy and connection to the outdoors.

From Brenda Fritsch of Artisans GroupWe have built custom sized niches for clients to feature their existing vintage bookcases, shelving and hutch units.  One such case displayed our client’s grandmother’s heirloom Asian “Head Mistress books”.  Recently clients and I collaborated with the cabinet maker to design an open shelving unit to feature their African art.  And, at one home we kept all of the selections, including flooring, cabinets, counters and tile very warm and neutral and simple to allow the focus to be on the clients’ extensive mid century modern furniture collection. I have also used both neutral colors and bright, vivid colors to accentuate and unite entire art collections or certain tones in paintings. Once I even created a fresh cottage color palette for a kitchen around a dinnerware pattern.”

Our speciality, the Passive House, needs no central heating and cooling systems thus eliminating consideration of ductwork from your overall design and placement of home furnishings.

Artisans Group Design: Customized storage

Mix It Up

If mixing and matching is your preference, antiques and collectables can look absolutely fabulous paired with the trendiest modern home furnishings and decor.

 In the “The Modern Mix”  by Nancy Mitchell,  we find a traditional desk paired with a modern chair and other beautiful  examples of incorporating non modern decor and furniture into modern designed spaces.,

Another article,  Expert Opinion: Does Antique Furniture Belong In Modern Homes, written by Janet Dunn, makes a compelling case for enjoying period pieces in modern homes. .

Artisans Group Design: Customized to your needs. Built -in entry storage bench and overhead cabinetry in neutral design to blend with any decor.

It’s Easy To Explore Interior Design For The Modern Home Interior

Some of my favorite examples of mixing different eras in modern homes are found in this HOUZZ link HOUZZ makes it so easy to explore design options.


While certain period design, such as the heavily embellished Victorian, influenced interior decor and furnishings to avoid competing or clashing with it, modern architecture wants to leave inhabitants free to do whatever their creative spirit desires to achieve pleasing comfort and personalized expression.   Whether you love to surround yourself with specific era furniture and collectibles, are a fan of styles such as country or cottage or crave the hottest trends in modern decor, a modern home interior is the ultimate canvas for showing off your unique style. If you are thinking about building a new home, talk to our architects and interior designers about customizing a light filled, modern home to include your home furnishings and decor preferences.

Artisan Group Design: Passive Home Interior Customized for Northwest Artist Don Freas

Artisans Group Design: In this antiques filled Passive House, customized wood tones throughout, including the ceiling, provide a background for a variety of the wood tones found in the client’s furnishings.