What is Passive House?

Passive House (PH) is a science based, ecological architecture and construction standard based on integrated systems to create ultra energy efficient homes. Quality, durability, comfort and sustainability is achieved through design elements, materials and strategies. There is no additional expense or maintenance of solar panels or mechanical heating and cooling systems required.  Passive House means drastic reductions in carbon emissions and heating and cooling cost. Best of all, artistic design is not compromised to achieve these results.

Revolutionary, artistic, ultra energy efficient, ecological, comfortable and quality constructed, PH integrated design creates a home in a class by itself!

PH experimental design has been used for centuries to heat and cool structures.  Middle Ages Icelandic homes and even the late 1800’s Polar-ship ‘Fram’ are examples of earlier attempts at creating structures not dependent on continual resources to provide heating. Whether resources became scarce, were too costly or risky to obtain, or, as in the example of a ship, limited its range, people have constantly sought ways to reduce resource dependence and increase comfort. Scientifically updated PH principals are  widely applied around the globe to provide heating and cooling, healthy ventilation, light sources and overall increased indoor comfort while drastically reducing energy consumption, pollution and environmental impact.

German Engineering and Brilliant Scientist.

While we know PH concepts were used for centuries, the construction methods were fine tuned in Germany during the 1980’s.  Collaborative effort between government, scientists and builders created the PH standard which provides strict construction guidelines to produce outstanding energy efficiency and comfort.

Germany and China lead the world when it comes to building Passive commercial and residential structures. Favorable responses from consumers and builders in the USA is creating pride and forward momentum for these extraordinary Green homes.

No Compromise on Artistic Design

Our unique spin on this method of building includes low-impact, eco-friendly materials, durable water management, better home health and air quality, and super-low maintenance house care—all packaged in stunning, market-defining architectural design.

Our version of energy efficiency doesn’t demand boring sacrifice, but rather it provides the path to an artful design that optimizes your health. Using a balance between art and science, we help clients make choices in the home to maximize comfort, health, productivity, sleep, and appreciation of beauty.

Comfort – Custom Homes That Guarantee Comfort & Decrease Energy Bills

Comfort can be difficult to quantify, so we will take an alternative approach. Pause for a second and try to imagine this being your experience at home: “The upper corners of the uppermost bedroom, baseboards in the basement, and the kitchen table are all 72 degrees. The thermostat is set at 72 degrees. The heating bill open on the table is only $10 but it’s been less than 40 degrees outside for weeks.

“Feet are always warm, I’ve almost forgotten about slippers. It seems so comfortable, so right, that one must be reminded that very few homes are built to deliver this performance.”

Constant temperatures throughout the home provide unparalleled comfort.

Health – Fresh Air, Safety & Low Maintenance

Current code-built homes have come a long way, but most still use toxic materials and have poor ventilation. Management of air and moisture movement is often a disregarded element, contributing to poor air quality and future damage.  The result is that many homes are unhealthy and expensive to maintain.

In order to meet the cutting edge Passive House standard, we carefully consider indoor air quality and moisture management. Health is integral to our design. We believe that homes should not only be safe, but also be places where health is optimized.  Through  use of hundreds of small design considerations, the benefits of carefully controlled air quality is achieved along with health science driven lighting, and low maintenance, durable finishes.

Passive House Energy Efficiency – The Magic of Light & Energy Savings

Imagine it- Outside, lightly frozen dew drops are shimmering with the early sunrise. You share this moment, in a nook, surrounded by crystal clear glass. Yet rather than cold, you feel the coziest warmth as you snuggle up with your morning cup to enjoy nature-That is the magic of Passive House!

Instead of fighting against cold windows, we maximize the light in your home through strategic placement of triple pane windows that also act as your primary heating system, even in our rainy Pacific Northwest climate. Like magic, our windows allow light and heat to enter while retaining world-class comfort inside.

Affordability – A Return on Your Investment

The Passive House standard is a surprisingly affordable option, adding only 5-10 percent in additional construction costs to the home. Our integration of design and build allows us to better control those costs and we have many proprietary means to provide the best value for you. The return on investment with Passive House designed homes is felt year after year due to high performance elements that define the Passive House standard.

Read the article Heat Your Home for $1.63 per week to learn more about the savings that come with building a Passive House.

At Artisans Group we encourage open discussion so we can responsibly help you design and build your home, tailoring and customizing it to your comfort, design and financial goals.

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