Artisans Group is an award winning, custom home Design-Build firm. Clients enjoy a collaborative, attentive and fun experience with our eclectic team of uniquely talented architects, designers, craftsmen, and project managers.  We love our jobs. You can hear it in our voices, see it in our eyes, and experience it in our award winning work.

Our team shares a passion for collaborating with clients.  This leads to design and construction of a home that honors your vision, preferences, lifestyle needs and budget.

We are also the Pacific Northwest’s leader when it comes to design and build of revolutionary, Passive homes. Homes that do not rely on solar panels to achieve tremendous energy savings. Instead, integrated design delivers outstanding quality, artistic appeal, energy efficiency and comfort.  Imagine heating and cooling your home for 90 percent less than you currently do!  These fantastic homes also boast healthier indoor air and no drafty areas. They are truly in a class of their own.

Passive homes, still relatively new to the United States, are rapidly gaining in numbers as their favorable reputation grows. We have built these exciting homes from Portland to Seattle and even in the beautiful San Juan Islands.  If you have never heard of Passive or even considered a “Green” home, please connect with us to learn more about how a Passive home can be an outstanding lifestyle choice.

What Is A Passive Home?