Ultra Grip Green Primer

Ultra Grip Multi Purpose Primer. Though I just discovered a write up on this product, and haven’t tried it yet, it looks like one of those products that could carry the weight of “making the job”.These are the kinds of… Read More

American Clay Plaster

American Clay Earth Plaster is a wonderful, earthy wall finish that can span the style range from Tuscan rustic to modern. We’ve used this product on several projects this past year and it’s just a lovely material. It works well… Read More

Peace Industry Felt Rugs

The best parts of building a new home or finishing a remodel are the final touches that make it feel like home. It’s hard to resist a perfectly suited hand-made rug to put the period at the end of your… Read More

R-ETRO insulation retrofit

Quadlock is a company that specializes in building insulation systems. I’ve personally used one of their early generation ICF’s and found it to be a pretty good product with a few glitches that have since been corrected. I just read… Read More

Mid Century Bath Remodel

As the marketing person at The Artisans Group, part of my job is to coordinate photo shoots of our projects. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to go to a lovely bathroom remodel project we recently completed out on Cooper Point,… Read More

Top 500 Green Companies in US

Newsweek compiled a 2009 list of 500 US companies by how ‘green’ they are. It’s an impressive list of some big companies. I always find these kinds of lists interesting, informative if not a bit sketchy in how to correlate… Read More

House Remodel Part 3

By: Tessa Smith, lead designer As a sustainability consultant (LEED AP, Certified Passive House Consultant, pending) I have a long standing affair with mother earth, a deep-seated passion for deep green design and a constant nagging concern about energy efficient… Read More

Should I Remodel My Home part II

This is part II of my musings on when it makes sense to remodel. I left off yesterday with a list of general questions that might help to shape your thoughts on whether to engage in a remodel or not…. Read More

Should I Remodel My Home

When does it make sense to remodel my home? The fact that you ask yourself indicates the possibility of a ‘need’. Something or lack of something inspired you to wonder. “Wouldn’t more counter space make my life so much easier?”… Read More

FROGBOX A Green Moving Alternative

This is a notable Puget Sound resource I just read about in the Business Examiner, “FROGBOX Brings Totatable Alternatives to South Sound“. FROGBOX is a sustainable alternative to the resource-rich effort of moving. If you are are relocating your belongings… Read More