Le Jardin Passive House Images

This cozy prefab passive house is nestled in the woods with the sounds of nature and country living as the background music for the homeowners while tending their extensive gardens-to-be. We designed this Passive House for the precise needs of… Read More

First Passive House Prefab Panel Success!

We’re excited to report a huge success this week with the installation of our first prefabricated wall sections for an ultra energy efficient modest custom Passive House (PH) here in Olympia. This is the first PH project we’ve done where… Read More

Another Cool Passive House

We’ve been so busy around here lately that I haven’t introduced you to another really fun project we have in the works, The JEWEL BOX-Freas Residence . This unpretentious mid-century modern Passive House sits on a low bluff overlooking Budd… Read More