June 2017, Artisans Group News

NEWS TO USE We get so caught up in our excitement that we forget to share sometimes.  Design, Architecture, Building Science and the ecological possibilities of Passive House…and all the tangents therein.   Pardon us, we get a little over… Read More

Really Cool Prefab Homes by Sheri Koones

Check out this web article by Sheri Koones that talks about how prefab homes can be beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces in addition to being an affordable and sustainable building approach: http://realestate.aol.com/blog/2014/06/30/prefab-homes-design-conscious/ Photo courtesy of Chris Nelms

How to build a Passive House on a limited budget!

Our dreams have finally come true, not the ones about world peace and glass slippers, but certainly about super cost effective Passive House!  Artisans group is in the midst of framing our Finch Pocket Haus, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Its… Read More

Passive House: The House of the Future by Sheri Koones

The Artisans Group is happy to announce that our Island Passive House has been featured again in an article by Sheri Koones. The Huffington Post piece talks about how the Passive House (PH) movement is gaining ground throughout the world. And, while the Passive House certification process… Read More

Finch Pocket Passive House

Poetic in its simplicity, this modern Passive House is a testament to the beauty of restraint.  Prefabricated and adaptable the design can flex for different lot sizes and solar orientations.  Finch House is simple and straight forward, clean lines with… Read More

Sparrow Pocket Passive House

Long and lean with simple detailing, this Passive House responds to its site and offers a large sliding glass wall off of the Great room.  Prefabricated and highly optimized this design boasts lots of storage, a very efficient loft style… Read More