A Custom Home, from Design to Build

Design+Build = Your New Home Exactly As You Want It. Just as a kitchen that suits one person does not suit another, neither do entire homes.  The homes featured here are as unique as their owners’ wishes and lifestyles.  With… Read More

Ballard Haus Pocket Home

Behold, our Ballard Haus Pocket Home! We are so close to completing this project and are thrilled to share it with you. This is one of our Pocket Homes, house models specifically pre-designed to offer our clients the power punch… Read More

A Case for Energy Efficient Housing by Sheri Koones

A Case for Energy Efficient Housing Sheri KoonesOct 20th 2014 5:25AM Updated Oct 27th 2014 12:49PM 600000 Photo courtesy of Trent BellThis home cost about $175 a square foot to build and is close to net zero with the addition… Read More

Finch Pocket House Update!

For those of you excitedly following our progress, our Pocket House under construction; the sheet rock is installed and the siding is days away from being done!  This cost effective little Passive House is really coming together, and it won’t… Read More

How to build a Passive House on a limited budget!

Our dreams have finally come true, not the ones about world peace and glass slippers, but certainly about super cost effective Passive House!  Artisans group is in the midst of framing our Finch Pocket Haus, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Its… Read More

Prefabulous World

Very exciting news for The Artisans Group: Our “Island Passive House” is featured in PreFabuous World by Sheri Koones. Available on Tuesday, April 15th! Prefabulous World  ~ Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe Authors: By Sheri Koones, with foreword by Robert… Read More

Heron Pocket Passive House

This 1100 sf Passive House packs a punch for its modest size, and boasts a high design industrial feel with its exposed concrete interior spine.  Designed for aging in place, this pocket house plan can flex from 1100 sf, 1… Read More

Finch Pocket Passive House

Poetic in its simplicity, this modern Passive House is a testament to the beauty of restraint.  Prefabricated and adaptable the design can flex for different lot sizes and solar orientations.  Finch House is simple and straight forward, clean lines with… Read More

Wren Pocket Haus, Passive House

Don’t let this little bird fool you, it can change its feathers in the blink of an eye.  This Passive House rambler can easily shift from cleanly modern to classically traditional in its detailing.  A perfectly pitched gable roof, great… Read More