Do Passive Houses have to be, well…..Ugly?

I get asked that question a lot, don’t worry, I don’t take it personally. Some people don’t like some of our modern styled houses, which is fine, to each their own and we can design and build Passive Houses in… Read More

The Coolest Awnings in Puget Sound!

The Jewel Box is getting some earrings. The coolest awnings were placed yesterday and look sharp as all get-out. The awning over the entry way to the house will have clear polycarbonate overhead and the workshop awning will have galvanized… Read More

The Jewel Box: Moving In

Well, the homeowner of the magical Jewel Box moved in recently, surrounded by boxes, unplaced furniture, lost minutiae, and excitement for setting up life in his new house! Being an artist and woodworker and avid admirer of all things simply… Read More

Living in Their New Passive House

The North family recently moved into their new Passive House! A long awaited, big day for them. We haven’t done a formal photo shoot yet, but I’ll post a few snaps to give you an idea of the family’s cool… Read More

Kudos From an Energy Nerd

Great blog write up by building science aficionado Martin Halloday, senior editor of Green Building Advisor, from a recent trip to the Seattle and Olympia area to tour one of our current Passive House projects, The Jewel Box. Read full… Read More

First Passive House Prefab Panel Success!

We’re excited to report a huge success this week with the installation of our first prefabricated wall sections for an ultra energy efficient modest custom Passive House (PH) here in Olympia. This is the first PH project we’ve done where… Read More

The House that Saved the World

The House that Saved the World is a thirteen part production featuring Eco-Home Builders that are breaking the trail for sustainable buildings. The production will feature the different phases of project development and critical stages of construction on these integrated… Read More