It’s Getting Close After guiding another custom Passive House from rough idea to reality, it’s incredibly exciting to arrive with our clients at the threshold of their beautiful new lifestyle home, Delphi Passive House.  In our client’s words: “At our… Read More

Delphi Passive House – Seattle sun sun sun!

Pacific Northwesterners know it, people in lab coats know it, and all those people who moved to California 40 years ago knew it; the kiss of sunlight helps us feel wonderful.  Its radiance inspires art and accomplishment.  Yet, Seattle’s 152… Read More

Multi-Gen House: Seattle Metro Multi Generation Home

Multi Gen:  Designed and built as an enduring family legacy, this incredible home is divided between four soundproofed living units complete with kitchens and bathrooms.  All units spill into common use areas, providing both privacy and social activities for each… Read More

Dreamy Light & Custom Design

Every design of ours tells a story, a piece of the narrative of the people living inside and what is important to them. And because of that intertwining of their story and ours, our work is deeply personal. So when… Read More

Evolution of a Passive House

At the beginning of this year, we reported on the evolution of the Passive House project we call the Vogel House. At that time, the framing and air sealing were being completed, and we are happy to report that this… Read More

Olympia, We Love You

We love our hometown of Olympia, Washington. It’s beautiful, by the water, has great history and is home to The Evergreen State College, which many of us here at Artisans Group call Alma mater. Outdoor Magazine named it one of… Read More

Seattle Passive House

Just a short ferry ride north of Seattle is the beautiful, historic town of Port Townsend. There we recently completed Heron Haus, a stunning Passive House.  The home is only just finished so the photos are not as refined, but… Read More

Vogel Haus: A Certified Passive House in the Making

We added all of our Olympia and Seattle Passive Houses we have designed and built (including the work we are building this year) and we are up to more than 18 homes!  It’s inspiring to be a part of such a successful… Read More

Olympia’s Passive House and Remodeling Specialists

As our Passive House portfolio continues to grow in the Seattle market, our roots deepen as Olympia’s Passive House and remodeling specialists.  We have three Passive House projects actively under construction in the Olympia area right now. One of these… Read More