House Remodel Part 1

By: Tessa Smith lead designer I met the Demich’s at a tour of homes several years ago, as we stood in my project they described wanting a similar sensation of light and balance in their own home, a small mid-century… Read More

Handwoven Rugs- Social Purchasing

Handwoven Rugs- Social Purchasing “Green” behavior often means making responsible selections based on the impact to the environment. Equally as critical is the social impact on how a given product came to market. GoodWeave is a company that offers a… Read More

Evaluating Luxury

Evaluating Luxury As with most mornings, today was no different. I woke up to hot breath on my face and eyes loaded with anticipation. That would be Eddy, she’s an 80 lb Chesapeake Bay Retriever, determined to start each day… Read More

ECO by Cosentino Green Countertops

ECO by Cosentino Green Countertops This is a nice product that recently came out on the market; we just received samples for our showroom and are quite impressed with the high end look of this product and the fact that… Read More

Deck Stain Options

Deck Stain Options Late this summer a friend decided to refinish her wood deck in the remaining days of sunshine. Once she completed the prep work of scraping and sanding, she was down to figuring out what type of stain… Read More

New home for plastic foam

New home for plastic foam Finally a local place to recycle your plastic foam containers! I read this article in the Olympian the other day and thought it was worth passing along. Enjoy! Zeta New home for plastic foam Recycle:… Read More

Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter

Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter Who hasn’t heard the phrase “water is the new oil“? Given that we are even coming up with phrases like that these days, indicates something must be up! It’s true, a person doesn’t have to try… Read More

Laminate Countertops and Surfaces

Laminate Countertops and Surfaces Can you believe these are little snapshots of modern laminate? Though I work for The Artisans Group, I don’t typically work directly in our Design Center. Today as I was passing through, not unlike our dog… Read More