Green Washing and Business Ethics

So, you’ve heard of white-washing, it’s a cousin to the ubiquitous white lie. Easy to do, easy to justify, doesn’t really hurt anyone. Right? Well, wrong really. Green-washing is the daisy-in-the-hair-country-cousin and is a bad seed. Green-washing is a short… Read More

Fiddling on a Green Roof

Everything that was old is new again. As we continue to look for the latest, cutting-edge green technology, it’s not surprising to learn that some of the best new ideas are decades, if not several millennia, old. Growing plants on… Read More

Passivhaus (Passive House) II

This blog follows on from our previous post – Passivhaus (Passive House I). It’s a whole new playing field for construction these days. Designing and building with the environment is becoming the standard in new home building and remodeling projects…. Read More

Passivhaus (Passive House) I

With concerns about rising energy costs and detrimental climate changes, it’s no wonder uber energy efficiency is finally starting to catch on. The Passivhaus Institute has created the highest energy standards to date in our country. Imagine heating your house… Read More

Solar Tutorial Part A – The Very Basics

Creating electricity from the sun has been around since 1954, but using the sun for heat energy has been around since the dawn of time. Have you ever leaned against a rock late in the evening that had been ‘cooking’… Read More

Solar Tour in Olympia

Come join us October 3rd, 2009, for the Olympia Solar Tour of Homes. For the second year running, The Artisans Group is proud to participate in this event. This year we’ll have two stops on the tour to showcase some… Read More

Homes for a Lifetime Certified Aging-in-Place

As more and more Baby Boomers hit their retirement years, housing for this generation becomes an evermore important issue. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) approximately 80% of Americans over the age of 55 own their own… Read More