Incandescent Lights Out

There are certainly differing opinions about light bulbs these days, for example rarely do we hear someone sitting on the fence about their feelings toward the relatively modern energy efficient compact flourescents (CFL). The energy efficient part is hardly the… Read More

Austria Passive House Update

In an earlier blog post we mentioned the Austria House, which will be the party house for all things Austrian during the 2010 Winter Olympics. The house is designed and constructed to meet the rigorous Passive House standards. At it’s… Read More

Green Remodeling Basics

Green remodeling, just how elusive is it? Green building and energy efficient are not the Holy Grail. You bet there are some measurable efficiency- standards out there that could make your socks roll up and down, but that’s in a different… Read More

Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter

Hydroright Dual-Flush Toilet Converter Who hasn’t heard the phrase “water is the new oil“? Given that we are even coming up with phrases like that these days, indicates something must be up! It’s true, a person doesn’t have to try… Read More

Laminate Countertops and Surfaces

Laminate Countertops and Surfaces Can you believe these are little snapshots of modern laminate? Though I work for The Artisans Group, I don’t typically work directly in our Design Center. Today as I was passing through, not unlike our dog… Read More

Passive House (PHIUS) Concept & Standards

Written by Tessa Smith, The Artisans Group, for The Nisqually River Foundation The Passive House (Passivhaus in German) concept was created in 1988 by Professor Bo Adamson and Doctor Wolfgang Feist, spurred on by their desire to positively affect climate… Read More

Hydronic Radiant Heat

Hydronic radiant heat installation Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are one of the most energy efficient and effective systems on the market to heat your home. Given that, let me back up for a moment and put ‘radiant heat‘ into… Read More

Best of Show and Best Kitchen – Tour of Homes Awards

Earlier this week our team attended the Olympia Master Builders Tour of Homes Award night at Little Creek Casino. We are very pleased to announce that we won the ‘Peoples Choice-Best of Show’ and the ‘Judges Choice-Best Kitchen’. The project… Read More

See Green Home Remodeling Part II

Higher Cost Options Of course, if your budget allows, you may wish to really go green and look at a Passive House retrofit. Today’s highest energy standards are represented by the Passive House standards of energy consumption. Ways of implementing… Read More

Green Home Remodeling Part I

Economical Options When remodeling a home, homeowners are faced with a vast array of decisions. From spatial orientation to color choices, there are an endless number of ways a homeowner can make their house a home. Yet, one decision should… Read More