Hydronic Radiant Heat

Hydronic radiant heat installation Hydronic radiant floor heating systems are one of the most energy efficient and effective systems on the market to heat your home. Given that, let me back up for a moment and put ‘radiant heat‘ into… Read More

Best of Show and Best Kitchen – Tour of Homes Awards

Earlier this week our team attended the Olympia Master Builders Tour of Homes Award night at Little Creek Casino. We are very pleased to announce that we won the ‘Peoples Choice-Best of Show’ and the ‘Judges Choice-Best Kitchen’. The project… Read More

See Green Home Remodeling Part II

Higher Cost Options Of course, if your budget allows, you may wish to really go green and look at a Passive House retrofit. Today’s highest energy standards are represented by the Passive House standards of energy consumption. Ways of implementing… Read More

Green Home Remodeling Part I

Economical Options When remodeling a home, homeowners are faced with a vast array of decisions. From spatial orientation to color choices, there are an endless number of ways a homeowner can make their house a home. Yet, one decision should… Read More

Green Washing and Business Ethics

So, you’ve heard of white-washing, it’s a cousin to the ubiquitous white lie. Easy to do, easy to justify, doesn’t really hurt anyone. Right? Well, wrong really. Green-washing is the daisy-in-the-hair-country-cousin and is a bad seed. Green-washing is a short… Read More

Fiddling on a Green Roof

Everything that was old is new again. As we continue to look for the latest, cutting-edge green technology, it’s not surprising to learn that some of the best new ideas are decades, if not several millennia, old. Growing plants on… Read More

Passivhaus (Passive House) II

This blog follows on from our previous post – Passivhaus (Passive House I). It’s a whole new playing field for construction these days. Designing and building with the environment is becoming the standard in new home building and remodeling projects…. Read More