Cool Home – Hot Days

“My house is a refuge on a hot day—eight to twelve degrees cooler on a ninety degree day, twenty degrees cooler if it hits one hundred. I open it up at night and bring it back down to seventy. It… Read More

2017 Tour of Homes

Olympia Master Builders’ 2017 Tour of Homes The Tour of Homes is one of our favorite annual celebrations of residential architecture in the South Sound. This year marks 17 years and is a two day event sponsored by Olympia Federal… Read More

3 Reasons Business Allure Matters

3 Reasons Allure Matters For Your Business 1. Social Media Today, word of mouth is amplified.   An Instagram / Pinterest / Facebook always-on-community shares experiences.  People post photos that raise interest and awareness.  They even catch people’s attention when… Read More

Passive House Certified Builder

Passive House Builder Certification! Two members of our Design team are now Passive House Certified Builders by the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)! Roussa Cassel, PHIUS Certified Builder℠ and Owen Martin, PHIUS Certified Builder℠ Owen and Roussa join only 24 other PHIUS Certified… Read More

June 2017, Artisans Group News

NEWS TO USE We get so caught up in our excitement that we forget to share sometimes.  Design, Architecture, Building Science and the ecological possibilities of Passive House…and all the tangents therein.   Pardon us, we get a little over… Read More

3 Benefits of Artisans Group Design+Build

Embarking on a Major Project So you’ve decided to jump into a major home project. Whether it’s a remodel of your existing home, or you want to build a custom home, you are in Major Project land.  Even a cursory… Read More

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards

2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards The Olympia Master Builders’ 2017 Remodeling Excellence Awards are official.  From within Ricardo’s Restaurant, word is brought forth. And…drum roll…please… Our clients win big!  One, two, three Artisans Group remodels recognized for their outstanding quality.   Two… Read More

Universal Design – Fact or Fiction?

Universal Design – Myth or Reality? The practice of Universal Design is very real.  Prominent projects like Chicago’s Millenium Park, Detroit’s Liquid Planning, and New York’s Brooklyn Bridge Park, show the amazing practical application and value of Universal Design ideas…. Read More

New Passive House

Extra! Extra! New Passive House In The City! A beautiful new Artisans Group Passive House custom home is underway in the Pacific Northwest!   Located in a thriving, well established urban neighborhood, Madison Haus is an extremely energy efficient home… Read More

April, 2017

An End of April, 2017 As we fully round the corner of spring in the lush Pacific NW, it is busy here at Artisans Group.  We’re having a wonderful time working on top secret Commercial projects, building new Passive House… Read More