A Custom Home, from Design to Build

Design+Build = Your New Home Exactly As You Want It. Just as a kitchen that suits one person does not suit another, neither do entire homes.  The homes featured here are as unique as their owners’ wishes and lifestyles.  With… Read More

222 Market – Fantastic Beginnings

Dubbed the “cutest artisanal market you ever did see” by Seattle Refined, Olympia’s highly anticipated 222 Market celebrated its grand opening this past November, and continues to be another successful addition to our bustling downtown.  As the Design-Build firm for… Read More

Yakisugi – Traditional Japanese Charred Wood

Arigatou gozaimasu, Terunobu Fujimori.  It’s Friday and it feels good to be thankful.  At The Artisans Group we are thankful to Mr. Fujimori in part because he helped us discover the joys of Yakisugi, also known in America and Europe as… Read More

Delphi Passive House – Seattle sun sun sun!

Pacific Northwesterners know it, people in lab coats know it, and all those people who moved to California 40 years ago knew it; the kiss of sunlight helps us feel wonderful.  Its radiance inspires art and accomplishment.  Yet, Seattle’s 152… Read More

Notes from the Field- 222 Market a commercial renovation

Notes from the Field- 222 Market, a commercial renovation. During my time as a carpenter with the Artisans Group, I’ve mostly worked on Passive Houses, this has been my first commercial job with them. Renovation is always an adventure, but… Read More

BIG House: Almost Passive House near Seattle

The BIG House is a multi-generational, almost Passive House, Located on Echo Lake in Shoreline, just north of Seattle, Washington.  Designed and built as an enduring family legacy, this house is divided between four soundproofed units, each spilling into common… Read More

You are invited to the 222 Market Grand Opening!

You are invited to the 222 Market Grand Opening! Mark your calendars, invite your friends, we are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of the 222 Market on November 19th. The market will be open all day, but the festivities begin… Read More